When you are working on a project at work, of course you would want to deliver results. Good results, that is. However, as an online marketing professional, do you have a primary goal? When you are delivering results, it’s imperative to have that one goal in mind.

This list shares what online marketers have in mind when they are working on a project. What do they want to achieve and what are their end goals? Read on to know what they are! Do you have similar goals as well?

I don’t have to face a situation like this in the past. Because I always plan really good before saying “Yes” to a project. I hire different freelancers if I need to compete for the deadlines and to assure the quality of work. – Umair Akram

We are constantly juggling multiple projects at once.  We have clients who are in our discovery phase and ones that have been with us for some time now who are at a more mature level and using more advanced campaigns.  In this business there are always multiple clients with varying needs, varying budgets, varying timelines and varying degrees of wanting to be involved in their own search marketing. – Chris Dreyer

Deadlines constantly compete within the team, so it’s important to have good communication and connection. We’re mostly a virtual company. We have an office, but most of our staff work remotely, so we have a strong cadence of internal meetings to prioritize and react.

When a client has an urgent request or need, we have to be able to respond to that, and we do. We give our best, but it also impacts other deadlines. The key thing is always to keep communicating internally and with clients. – Nate Dame

My first business was a consultancy firm I ran together with 10 other psychologists. We did everything from public speaking to advising ad agencies on product design. And since we were young, hungry and naive we did it all at a very low price. Needless to say there were a lot of sleepless nights, panic last minute work and a lot of fun. Something I could never do these days. – Niklas Laninge

When I first started my business I focused on freelance writing before I went back into strategy. That’s the nature of a freelance writer, or at least it was for me. I like the variety of the short-turn around projects mixed with the long-term gigs.

I’m not an organized person by nature, but people think that I am. It’s because I have to write everything (if it’s not written down or on my calendar, it doesn’t exist…) and I organize the priority of my work with sticky notes next to my desk. – Carla Johnson

Yeah, I sometimes find that to be a daily thing just because I have a tough time turning down projects and various things so I’ll try to juggle it all the time. The best solution I have found for juggling multiple projects is to put a great team around me.

I have some of the most amazing minds working around me that make it so easy for me to take on numerous projects. I know what I’m good at and that’s what I focus on. I surround myself with people who are great at the things I am terrible at and that allows us to be extremely efficient. – Jeet Banerjee

That’s every day around here! I move from clients, to research projects, to managing people to trying to learn new things within every single day. Project planning is critical to success. If you’re one of those people who deals with projects on a “just in time” basis, you’ll be in a ton or trouble! – Eric Enge

I juggle dozens of projects daily. My skills have drastically improved since I started my business. One of my favorite quotes is from Yoda, “Do or do not. There is no try.” When juggling different projects with competing deadlines I make sure I do them because telling a client you tried is not good enough. – Zeb Welborn

I used to run Social Media Fuze, I handled inbound marketing campaigns for several HubSpot partner agencies and their clients. It was a constant juggle. – Mary Green

I feel like I’m interviewing for a job! Are you also going to ask me if I were a tree, what kind I would be and why? What about my strengths and weaknesses?

I do this every, single day! It’s the life of being in the agency world. You could easily have three clients who need something all at the same time. You get really good at prioritizing, using that deep work time I mentioned in my routine answer above, and setting realistic expectations.

Of course, you can’t deliver three things at the exact, same time, but maybe one is early and one you’ve negotiated a deadline an hour later. You make it work. – Gini Dietrich

I’m constantly juggling multiple projects with competing deadlines.I still have writing and VA clients, for example and it’s hard not to let their deadlines surpass my own. I’ve made sure to treat my own site like a client though (because it is and it actually makes for at least half of my income most months) and make my own projects a priority, just like I do for client projects.

My own site’s income didn’t always represent such a big part of my revenue though, so I had to have faith that eventually my front-loaded work would payoff! – Gina Horkey

The better part of 7 years. It’s a very short sighted way of doing things. I am finding that I can do just as much, if not more (and do it a lot better), if I just focus on one thing at a time. For example, I might dedicate a week to just one thing – no other project in the meantime. I try to run all my companies this way. Sometimes a month at a time, I won’t pay any mind to another business, and just focus in on one. If I’ve done things right in that month, and I have a good team to execute against whatever I worked on, it will be good on its own for a while. – Adam Steele

Every week we have numerous deadlines as we work on numerous clients, the best way to manage deadlines is to ensure you have team members working on projects early to manage projects on Asana or Trello and ensure that things are completed early. Also it is important to set dead lines at realistic timelines for your team members. – James Norquay

Every day! Multitasking is just part of life. Nothing taught me more about time management than spending two years as a missionary for my church in England. I moved there when I was 19. We worked everyday from about 9-9 at night and had to balance appointments and get a lot done. I followed some of the time management skills from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and have tried to keep up the same systems since then. – Mike Ramsey

My response would be very simple: these are situations where I must work harder. If I know that my clients are reliable and I do not want to lose them, then I need to find the time to complete each project by the deadline. – Evgeniy Garkaviy

This is the case every week. Last week I was juggling:

  • A revamp of an existing product, which included new copy for it, and working up examples.
  • Contacts from outside needing some input from me.
  • Completing edits on articles, posting them, and then scheduling them on social media.
  • Editing an entire email project, which consisted of around a dozen different documents which needed changes grammatically and structurally.
  • Video and teleconferencing on two occasions.
  • Communicating via Slack with five other people on a coordinated project.
  • Completing an article to coordinate with an email marketing campaign’s publication date.

These all had rolling due dates throughout last week. I did not miss a single deadline on any of them. – Matthew Yeoman

Gosh, every day is a juggle. The key for me is scheduling everything. I use a planner and write down client assignments, guest posts and other things to do. I make sure that I don’t overschedule myself on a certain day, while still making sure I make all my deadlines on time. – Corinne Kerston

First of all, I don’t over commit. If I come close to over committing, I simply don’t sleep. My entire team and client projects are organized in Basecamp; the deadlines and objectives defined there help. – Christi Tasker

This is always my situation. At any time, I have six major projects going on. To organize this I use a system based off of Getting Things Done and a program called Omnifocus. – Danny Dover

I’m always juggling multiple projects, but I make sure that I have THAT one project whose priority is above all else. I work on my primary project whenever I can, and do the other projects during downtime or when I need to take a break from my primary project. – Fitz Gerard Villafuerte

All of my work is my own, so it’s just a matter of clearing out the clutter and working on what makes the most money or has priority. It’s way too easy to get distracted online, which is why so many people fail. This is also referred to as “shiny object syndrome“. – Zac Johnson

It’s not just one situation, it’s constant. That’s the life of an entrepreneur. When I started up the big things was to balance doing client work with attracting and winning new clients. Now it’s balancing marketing with creating content for my membership programs and supporting the members in there. It’s just a part of life. – Ian Brodie

I’m in a situation like this currently. It’s rare that I’m working on only one project at time, as freelancers have to ensure cash flow. By clearly communicating project updates and eventually upcoming issues with my clients, I’m able to keep everybody happy. Having a clear schedule for myself is absolutely crucial – and being honest with myself when I’m not completing a task in time. – Jan Koch

All the time! I actually run 3 separate companies, which can make things difficult at times. I handle this by outsourcing as much work as possible that doesn’t require my presence, and putting my attention where it’s actually needed. I think too many people wait too long to hire help, but unfortunately it’s often impossible to scale otherwise. – James McAllister

I’m doing this right now, but I find it kinda motivating. I like challenges. – Dragos Roua

Yes sure, how about right now! I’m dealing with deadlines every single week. Sometimes juggling 3 or 4 projects competing with deadlines can be an overwhelming challenge. There’s not a single situation that I can recall that was a greater challenge than any other, because it’s happening right now and on a weekly, monthly basis.

Personally, I love those kinds of challenges, and the ultimate solution is simply great communication. Communicating with clients and keeping them in the loop takes a lot of weight off the shoulders for sure, and more often than not, we can come up with a solution that will go beyond meeting client’s expectations. – Fabrizio Van Marciano

Back in first quarter of 2015 we were working on a big event called as The Startup Mashup and that was the time when I had few other freelance projects too in hand. It was tough to slog out 11+ hours daily in an office and then go back home to work on client websites, but that period taught me a lot about how to manage things. The main thing I learnt is that getting it done is better than getting it done perfectly! – Aditya Nath Jha

I find that as I continue to grow as a person many new opportunities are presenting themselves.

Right now, I am finishing a book on weight loss, working on a compilation of my radio interviews; and still having to promote equipment sales for the people who depend on me to find them buyers.

Often a new equipment listing will require me to stop work on other projects as I usually don’t have an exclusive listing on rides, games, inflatables, generators, concessions machines, etc. Where as the deadlines for books, products, and other projects are generally my own doing.

There is only so much time available, so sometimes you just have to accept that you aren’t going to get it all done and do your best to focus on the work that is most important to you and that will do the most to move you forward to accomplishing your goals. – Maxwell Ivey

My first advice is to avoid getting into a situation where you have multiple projects and deadlines. As Warren Buffet says, you have to say ‘no’ more often if you want to become really successful.

Too many things take away your focus and you have to compromise on quality. As a result, you might even lose customers. Having said that, there might be small periods where you have to handle multiple tasks.

I remember a time last year when we were doing a sale at SuccessIsWhat and I had to simultaneously put in a lot of time with a digital marketing client. I have a habit of waking up early so I made it a point to wake up at 5.30 to ensure that I got as much done as possible before visiting the clients office at 11am everyday.

The key is to make sure that you have uninterrupted focus on a single thing at one point of time. That helps you get a huge amount of work done. – Peter Banerjea

I deal with this all the time. Thanks to the recommendation of Phil Rozek, I recently started using Asana which is amazing at helping you keep track of tasks and their deadlines so you can see what you still need to do and when the due date is. – Joy Hawkins

It’s a normal part of daily life for many. You have your life commitments, you have your work commitments, you have your hobbies and interests. It’s important to learn to deal with it and find a way to make it all work. Being good and productive in only one of these areas won’t work well in the long term. You need to find a good balance in everything to be happy. – Marko Saric