We all want to get the best results in the work that we do. When we do arrive at the desired outcome, we deserve to be happy about it. Because why not? We worked hard, we worked long hours to succeed at it! We all have those proud moments.

It’s always nice to hear about these success stories. It keeps us inspired and motivated as well, most especially when things get rough – which is sometimes inevitable in any work. It keeps us going. If you want to know more about this, these SEO professionals share their proudest moments at work.

I am proud of all my past projects because they worked and they have shown awesome results to the clients. Especially, a project of a Canada-based company is the one which I am most proud of. Changes I’ve made to their marketing strategy, increased their sales by 468% and the ROI of that product is also above 400. – Umair Akram

I’m not sure about “most proud” but I have thoroughly enjoyed many different experiences. One memorable one was my assignment for All Nippon Airways where I went to Japan for the first time (a few days in Singapore) followed by a quick trip to Singapore. The purpose of the assignment was to review ANA’s business class offering, give their new app a mention, and demonstrate how Tokyo could be used as a stop-off for other destinations, but it went mention further than that. You can read about the trip here: http://www.aluxurytravelblog.com/tag/allnipponairways/Paul Johnson

During my tenure at California Psychics, a leading advice service ($33 mil in revenue) I spearheaded and managed the entire content marketing strategy. My efforts in migrating content from a homegrown CMS to WordPress, and redesigning the newsletter and processes / workflows, hiring new staff, freelancers and providing content pillars paid off.

I quadrupled blog traffic from 80K UVs per month to 500K UVs per week. Newsletter open rates increased from 2% to 8% for 3.5 million subscribers. Click through rates skyrocketed from 34% to 74-95% inside of one year. New customer referrals increased weekly from 50K to 400K.

My social strategy paid off – the company has a twitterscope service and a substantial presence on Facebook, which they originally eschewed. I took the taboo out of psychic advisors and made them columnists and advice specialists, linking their blogs to the front page of the site via API. Call volume spiked and the content factory I created is being maintained and upheld nearly 9 years later. – Suzanne Baran

There are a handful of clients who’ve been with us for a while now and they are all consistently showing on the first page and in the first position in Google for some extremely competitive keyword phrases. These are clients that signed up for our full suite of SEO services and I’m extremely proud of the fact that we’ve been able to help them get the results they were looking for. – Chris Dreyer

I described one earlier that saw some good change after fixing tech issues. Projects that do the best over time are the ones when we can redesign a website. One was a high-end property and ranch realtor website. It’s a small business, so we built the site and did some SEO work and stepped away from it, but it did extremely well. I think it has been a combination of a well-designed site that they can use and update themselves, and the beautiful properties they list, but over two to three years, their SEO traffic skyrocketed 1000 to 1500%.

Another great project was the Saddle Creek Logistics website. It performed well immediately after the launch, and is still doing great. There’s a case study about that project on our website. – Nate Dame

When I worked at the innovation agency Rodolfo we launched an auto-reply service for social media. The product was brilliant in all its simplicity, but we did some amazing PR work focusing on the stress some people feel that they get from social media. We got a lot of press coverage, tens of thousands of users and I ended up getting interviewed by USA Today. – Niklas Laninge

The one of which I’m most proud and was the most fun was writing the corporate history for Western Union for its 155th anniversary. They were getting ready to split from First Data Corporation and become independently owned and operated again.

Back to my history roots…it was a fabulous way to blend history and branding that came out it a truly stunning book. We had a very diverse project team that included three lawyers. Everyone understood the end goal and it was one of the most collaborative teams on which I’ve ever worked. – Carla Johnson

I think the project that I would be the most proud of was being able to delivery a TEDx speech. It not only helped me validate the success and the path that I was on, but it was awesome having the opportunity to inspire so many people on a grand platform. – Jeet Banerjee

The writing of The Art of SEO was a huge project for me. After Stephan, Rand & Jessie asked me to write that, it fell largely on me to create the first draft of the book. Over a period of 13 weeks, I wrote a chapter a week, until all 13 chapters were written. It was a huge effort, yet that was only the beginning. The process of editing the book after that was massive, and went on for 8 to 9 more months. It finally published in October of 2009. It was a huge success for all of us. – Eric Enge

My cycling blog over at bike-blog.info has been initially created for a client several years ago. After two years and once the client ranked already with their main site they decided to move servers and while at it they simply “forgot” the blog and weren’t able to restore it.

I then saved it and recreated it on a new domain. They simply didn’t understand why they need all that content and the new domain “didn’t even have PageRank!” so they dumped me. It’s thriving ever since and still ranks #1 or #2 for [bike blog] on Google.de despite not being updated for months sometimes. – Tadeusz Szewczyk

I’m proud of my entire body of work and each one for different reasons. My book, The Social Golf Course, my podcast, The Defining Success Podcast, my online course, Welborn University, my involvement in the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce and my golf tournament, The Southern California Charity Golf Classic are all things I’m extremely proud of. – Zeb Welborn

Inbound.org helping it grow from 42k members to over 154k lots of fun and experience being the content and community manager. – Mary Green

This was a long time ago, but it’s one of my favorites. The client I mentioned who was our first client and stayed with us for eight years? They created a product that kills fire ants with only one chemical application. If you live where fire ants are a problem, you know what a big deal this is.

To launch the product in early 2000s, we held a fire ant funeral at a festival. We hired a Southern Baptist preacher and mourners. We built a casket with a gigantic dead fire ant in it. And we had a funeral. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen and pretty much every news outlet in the country covered it. I still laugh about it. – Gini Dietrich

I just finished version two of my course, 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success. I more than doubled the content, moved it from email delivery to a back-end courseware, added video, quizzes and much more. It was a lot of work, but it came out great! – Gina Horkey

We created this silly referral spam tool a year or so ago. We update it every once in a while, send out an email update, but that’s about it. It’s been a nice way to do something for the SEO community. – Adam Steele

This project for a client where we increased traffic by 400,000 uniques a month was a good one – https://moz.com/blog/increasing-organic-seo-traffic-by-400000-unique-visitors-a-month

Plus working on many well known brands is a lot of fun also giving back to the community via charitable donations and training many staff over the years is always memorable. – James Norquay

I have a lot of NDA’s so I will share an internal project. Nifty Marketing was going well but I kept having this feeling that we needed to niche into a specific industry for further growth. We chose legal and created NiftyLaw.com where we blog, speak, and strictly work with legal clients. The growth has been outstanding. Determining your audience is the hardest part of marketing. When you get that part right things start falling into place. – Mike Ramsey

Actually, I can’t narrow it down to just one. There are at least 10 such projects that instantly come to mind. For me, it is very important when people are happy with my work. Even if the project is not very expensive and I don’t earn a great deal of money from it; if the client is happy with my work, then I am happy, too. – Evgeniy Garkaviy

My blog Kaiserthesage is definitely on top of the list.

One from our recent work at Xight Interactive would be reaching 5M organic traffic (from 40K/month to 300K/month) in over a year for one of our clients. I wrote a couple of case studies on the things we did here:

Jason Acidre

Creating my flagship website highpayingaffiliateprograms.com. When I got into affiliate marketing I decided I wanted to target the affluent market with high-end offers because that’s where the money is. I began searching Google for a good resource website on big ticket items to sell and was surprised that I couldn’t find any good sites that had what I was looking for in one place.

So I decided to create my own website on that topic to fill that market segment. I settled on the long, but aptly titled, domain name highpayingaffiliateprograms.com.

I had no vision or plan for what the site would become. In fact, when I started building out the site, I had no idea what I was going to do with it; but I knew somehow I was on the right track. I created the site organically, building at least a page a day, and it began to grow and get noticed very quickly.

By the end of it’s first year it was included in the Affiliate Summit’s list of Top Affiliate Marketing Blogs of 2013. Now, it’s unquestionably the authority site in the high-end affiliate marketing segment. – Bill Burniece

Besides my ongoing work with Devumi over the last 4 years, being published by Moz was definitely a high point. It took many rejected pitches, and then a lot of editing closely with their team to make that happen. I also enjoyed being hired by Social Media Today to work on their ongoing Content Marketing Minds column. – Matthew Yeoman

Probably my own site, Corinne Kerston. It basically started as an online portfolio for my writing career. Over time the blog kind of took over. Once I started focusing on my blog as a business itself, marketing it and just trying to get it out there more, I naturally started making more connections, which also helped my writing career grow. – Corinne Kerston

This one because of the significance to the Las Vegas economy: http://www.puttinout.com/las-vegas-market/ – we also won the Public Relations Society of America Pinnacle Award for this project. – Christi Tasker

My blog has always been my most successful online project. It has opened up a lot of opportunities for me, including my current professional career as a registered financial planner. – Fitz Gerard Villafuerte

Over the past 20 years I’ve had a lot. A recent one is my Rise of the Entrepreneur podcast, which allows me to interview industry experts and better connect with my audience. – Zac Johnson

My client work tends to be confidential, so I’m not going to go into too many details. But what I particularly like is when people get results fast – especially from simple steps. So one example would be a guy who implemented my “21 Word Email” strategy and within a week had a meeting with a potential client he’d been struggling to get together with for ages, and a week later had landed one of his biggest contracts ever. – Ian Brodie

This definitely is the WP Summit that I mentioned earlier. I interviewed 28 world-leading experts, including Rand Fishkin from Moz, Oli Gardner from Unbounce, and Jason Cohen from WP Engine. This epic event got almost 25,000 page views within 10 days and grew my email list by 600%. But more importantly, the attendees absolutely loved the interviews and got a ton of knowledge out of them. – Jan Koch

I’m proud of all of my products, but I’d have to say I’m most proud of my main website, Help Start My Site. I shut down another site that was already very profitable to dedicate my time here, because I knew this market had much greater potential.

It was very difficult at first to get off the ground since the wealth market is one of the most competitive out there, but it’s growing drastically and I know one day it’s going to be one of the most popular blogging / marketing blogs out there. This is a market I truly love working in so I have no problem outworking everybody else. – James McAllister

All of them. Even the ones that I failed. Because behind every project is a lesson learned. – Dragos Roua

From all the projects we’ve handled, there’s a one project that I would say I’m particularly proud of. One day, a guy called us up and was asking if we could help rebuild their past family business. Even though the guy had no money to pay us on a monthly basis, we saw his eagerness to restore the business they used to have.

So we decided to build him a website to start with and we applied SEO. After a year, he was able to buy a car, employ several people including his mother and brother, and put up their own office space. – Devlin Duldulao

I designed the whole website for TheStartupMashup.com for their event. For a low level coder like me this was very significant. Sadly enough that version of the website no longer exists for you guys to see! – Aditya Nath Jha

A few years ago a mall management company in Georgia listed a carousel with me. They had been trying to sell it through another company for over a year. I won’t mention the other company’s name because they are so big they don’t need any publicity. They have offices in Italy, Nashville Tennessee Australia, etc.

I had been hearing about the power of video, so I asked them if they could send me a video of the ride in operation. They did, and I turned it and their photos into a solid blog post. I sold their ride a couple of months later. I was really proud to have beaten this company with more resources, a bigger name, and a longer history in the business.

But what makes it even sweeter is since then that mall management company contacts me any time they need to sell amusement type equipment from malls that they take over operations for. Just this week I heard that they will be listing their forth major piece of equipment with me. – Maxwell Ivey

There are many, but I can’t share those success stories because of client confidentiality. However, I can share one blog post of mine that got excellent traction:

Beating Procrastination: 72 Successful People Reveal their Most Powerful Tips

This is a roundup on my own blog that got quotes from some of the biggest experts and CEOs in the productivity space. – Peter Banerjea

I’m proud of most of my projects. Unfortunately, I can’t give names because I’ve sold some of them. Out of all my projects, one stands out as the most important one. It’s a website I started from scratch and optimized it to get over 6000 visits a day from Google alone. The feeling of creating something from the beginning and make it worth something is addictive. – Felix Tarcomnicu