Online Marketing Professionals Share Their Typical Work Day Routine

Online Marketing Professionals Share Their Typical Work Day Routine

Another day at work! How do you start your day? Do you follow a routine? What’s a busy work day for you like? Is it important for you to go about your routine? Is it a flexible one? We all have our own ways of being productive during the day and it can be quite different from others also.

It’s interesting to know how others go about their day so we have asked other marketing specialists what their typical routine is as well. Let’s read on how they start their day and end their usual day at work. Share your routine in the comments section too!

1. Umair Akram is a Digital Marketer and SEO Consultant with having more than 4 years of professional experience in the industry. He have worked with more than 30 companies and helped them increase their sales and profits. He is also the author of his blog "MyTechMag" and write about Blogging,Digital Marketing and SEO Tips.

Umair Akram

My work day isn't bound by time limits. It's based on how much the workload is? Typically it starts with checking my e-mail account, reading and replying e-mails. After that, I take a look on the progress of my employees and then make a to-do list to help me while working on different projects.

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2. Chris Dreyer, I began my Internet marketing journey sometime in 2004 working at a small high school in Southern Illinois when the allure of making money online took hold. In the time since, I have been developing the skills and acquiring the experience that have allowed me to build one of the premier SEO agencies ( dedicated solely to attorneys and law firms. (See More: HERE)

Chris Dreyer

I would say the majority of my time is spent guiding the professionals on my team and playing a role in the higher-level movements of the company as it grows. I’m in touch with my team constantly and I’m also in the trenches with them working with clients, working on the business, and making things work.

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3. ​​Nate Dame (@SEONate) has led SEO, content marketing, and influencer marketing campaigns for national and international brands. Now a regular speaker and columnist, Nate oversees client strategy and thought leadership for Propecta when he’s not too busy being husband and dad in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Propecta is a leading SEO consultancy and agency trusted by B2B companies, including a few of the world's largest technology brands. With proven people, processes, and tools, Propecta partners with companies to develop and execute comprehensive strategies to build an organic search presence that generates significant revenue.

Nate Dame

It varies by the day. Some days are packed with meetings from morning 'til evening. Other days I work hard to block out my calendar so I have dedicated time to tackle projects, respond to emails, and work through new process developments.

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4. Niklas Laninge is a Psychologist, entrepreneur, learning and education enthusiast, he runs a startup making learning fun, frictionless, and bite sized.

Nate Dame

I always plan the coming day on the evening before. I try to sort tasks into an A, B and C priority, something I learned from a therapist while working on my stress issues. A is the kind of stuff that needs to get done, B is the kind of stuff that's not crucial and C is usually some icing on the cake. Also, I try to only check the email once before lunch, once before leaving the office and then once I have gotten my baby daughter to sleep.

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5. Carla Johnson helps marketers become storytellers. She works with companies to develop frameworks and build teams to tell better stories in order to develop deep relationships with customers and employees, create delightful experiences for audiences and generate top-line revenue.

Her clients include Motorola Solutions, Dell, Emerson, VMware, Western Union, American Express, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other corporate, government and nonprofit organizations.

Named one of the top 20 most influential content marketers, one of top 25 business-to-business marketers, and one of the top 50 women in marketing, Carla is the co-author of Experiences: The 7thEra of Marketing, which teaches marketers how to develop, manage and lead the creation of valuable experiences for their organizations.

Nate Dame

We have three kids, so there's a lot of unexpected hiccups in my day. But ideally I get up at 5:30, meditate or journal for 15-20 minutes, and then go to the gym. I see one daughter off to school before I go and the other two when I get home.

I focus on my biggest projects for the day when I'm fresh. Then calls midday and ideally another few hours of focus in the afternoon. During weeks when I travel, I never stick to this schedule. I'm a night owl by nature and when I'm away from home it's very hard for me to turn in at the end of the day.

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6. Jeet Banerjee is a 23 year old serial entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant, TEDx speaker and best selling author. Jeet began his journey at the age of 17 when he launched a multimedia agency before selling it two years later.

Since then, Jeet has launched a handful of success tech ventures while helping numerous other entrepreneurs find success with their own businesses. When Jeet isn't in the office working on his tech projects, you can find him speaking at events all around the world sharing his experiences and insight on entrepreneurship.

Jeet Banerjee

I am usually up by 8 AM, I start my day off with clearing my email box from the night before. That usually takes me an hour and after that I usually schedule all my interview requests, phone meetings and networking calls during the hours of 9-10 AM each morning.

After that, I just get down to business and am usually working nonstop till about 1. I'll take a quick 20-30 minute lunch break around this time and then get back to work until about 4:30. From 4:30 to 6, I head to the gym and play some pick up basketball. After playing, I'll grab something to eat, shower up and work for another 2 hours or so.

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7. Eric Enge is the founder and CEO of Stone Temple Consulting. A prominent SEO and digital marketing industry thought leader, he has been an entrepreneur for most of his 30+ year career.

Eric is also emerging as a recognized expert on content marketing.

He is the lead author of the book The Art of SEO; a columnist and contributor to publications such as Search Engine Land, Moz, Copyblogger, Marketing Land, and Social Media Today; and a regular speaker at industry conferences such as Search Marketing Expo, Pubcon, ClickZ Live, and many others.

Eric Enge

Honestly, it's filled mostly with meetings and phone calls. As a large agency, there is a lot of that which fills most of the days. However, I usually manage to find an hour or two in there somewhere to focus on learning new things and how they work. That's the most fun part of the day!

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8. Carlo Angelo Gonzales is a Digital marketing consultant, entrepreneur, social media addict, gamer and hopeless romantic. He’s also the owner of Sociadillas Internet marketing

carlo angelo

I run or bike in the morning, take a shower, turn my computer on and focus on what needs to be done. Come 5PM, I turn off the computer and start swim training come 6PM. I make it a point that I follow this schedule as strictly as I can. But I am flexible and when there are times that I have to go overtime, I oblige.

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9. Tadeusz Szewczyk has more than 15 years of experience in online publishing.

For 5+ years he’s been known internationally for writing here on SEO 2.0 and blogs of, Positionly, Ahrefs, Hubspot, Google Blogoscoped among others (from About).

I encourage you to connect with Tadeusz through Delicious, Twitter and Google Plus.

I start my day with workout. Invigorated after this I look up inspiring content, things like architecture, art, design, self improvement space exploration – things that get me in a positive mood. I don't read the “news” with all it's Fear Uncertainty and Doubt. When you start your day with Ebola, ISIS and Donald Trump you will be depressed not productive.

Then I go on with reading industry news and also select a few valuable items I will share with my followers on social media. Then I start with the more creative tasks. I try to mix different tasks. For example, I'd start with a blog post, then do a website audit and then some blogger outreach.

I have slots of 30 to 60 minutes I work on a single task and then switch so that I don't get tired too fast with doing the same type of work for too long. In the evening I perform the simpler tasks, like looking up messages (mail, social media, phone). I then decide which to act upon immediately and which to plan for the next day or week.

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10. Zeb Welborn is the founder of Welborn Media and The Tutoring Solution, he is the host of The Defining Success Podcast, author of The Social Golf Course and creator of the Sharing Your Passion Essay Scholarship contest.

Zeb Welborn

I don't have a typical work day. Lately, my weeks are filled with in-person meetings throughout the normal workday as I'm heavily involved in my community and meeting with individuals who could help grow my business in one capacity or another.

Once home for the day I work on the computer to handle the duties I need to for my clients. Working all day until 2am and waking up at around 6 to 7am is the norm, although I do take time to hang out with my family when I should.

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11. Mary Green is a full stack marketer with 12 years of expertise in digital marketing. She specializes in inbound marketing but have experience across almost all avenues of online marketing.

Mary Green

I would have gotten over impostor syndrome and started charging more a lot sooner. My typical day involves checking email, check social media, and working on tasks in Asana.

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12. Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro.

I’m pretty structured. I like my routine and get cranky when something new is thrown at me that I wasn’t expecting. Therefore, I pretty much follow this routine:
Up at 5:30 and write until 7:00.
7:00-7:30 is family time
7:30-8:30 is always getting through my inbox and moving things to my task list or to folders for follow-up later
8:30-12:00 is reserved for meetings and I typically have all of those hours full.
12:00-1:00 is exercise time (I cycle).
1:00-5:00 is deep work time
5:00-6:00 is getting through email and social media one more time
I rarely go back at it after dinner. I like my family to have my full and undivided attention so I try really hard to not let work creep into the past 6 p.m. hours. Unless I’m traveling. Then all bets are off.

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13.​ Gina Horkey is a married, millennial mama to two precocious toddlers from Minnesota. Additionally, she’s a professional writer and an online business marketing consultant with a decade of experience in the financial services industry.

Gina enjoys helping other freelancers gear up to quit their day jobs and take their side hustles full-time. If you’re interested in starting a freelance career, take Gina’s FREE writing course to kick-start yours today! Click here to get the first lesson sent to your inbox.

I generally work between 8-4pm CST and sometimes add in another hour after I go to the gym/have dinner. Between 12-1pm CST you can find me having lunch with my family and laying our two toddlers down for their daily naps. My work time is a combination of writing, VA work and working on my own website. I try not to get distracted by social media or email, although my inbox has a strong hold on me!

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14. Adam Steele, At 22, with no previous business experience, Adam left his day job to chase the dream of business ownership. He started out by peddling Gmail address’ by the bundle. Today, he leads a team of 30+, remote team members, runs 2 successful companies (is currently building 3, 4 & 5) and hosts The Steele Entrepreneur Show.

When not working his face off, he can be found rolling on the Jiu Jitsu mats, tinkering in his garden or with his nose in a book. Adam's mission is to share his experiences, past and present, with anyone audacious enough to want to be great.

Wake at six, breakfast, reading, planning the day, couple hours of thoughtful work, check email for emergencies, calls if an (1 hour blocked off), jiu jitsu, lunch, calls if any (1 hour blocked off), couple more hours of thoughtful work, check email for emergencies, task work, more thoughtful work, 15 min team meeting, coaching, dinner, emails, planning for following day, reading, bed by 12/1230.

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15. James Norquay founded Prosperity Media in 2012 after working in the SEO & Content Marketing space for over 10+ years in Australia and the US.

James started working in digital marketing by developing his own network of content websites which went on to generate well over 22 million unique visitors from organic search with a strong focus on the US market. These websites were later sold on to a US media company.

James then moved into enterprise level consulting working for large businesses such as Virgin Mobile, Optus, David Jones, Woolworths, BWS, Apparel Group, Maurice Blackburn, Slater & Gordon, Travel NT, Citi Bank and many more large scale Australian and global businesses to drive SEO and inbound marketing growth.

Usually we have a team catch up in the morning, review industry news catch up on emails. Afternoon usually I have calls and meetings to attend and also check up on our team to see how things are going. Different days mean different things happening, I still work on many strategy elements and deal with some of our clients so plenty of client work happens I prefer to be hands on in the business.

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16. John McElborough (@johnmcelborough) is one of the UKs most in demand digital marketers. He has delivered on search, paid media and conversion optimization campaigns for some of the UK’s most recognised brands as well as helping thousands of smaller businesses and start-ups succeed online through his writing, training and consultancy. He currently runs the online advertising agency Inbound360 and blogs at

I might be at home, in the office or out at clients. I wake up as early as my wife will let me and I try to get the heavy lifting done in the morning when I'm most productive and push calls and meeting to the afternoon. Honestly though I'm not one of these obsessively time efficient people!

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17. Mike Ramsey is the founder of Nifty Marketing and Niftylaw. He also is a founding member of LocalUniversity and spends a lot of his time writing and speaking on digital marketing. He has a wonderful wife, 3 crazy kids, and does it all from Burley, Idaho

I started reading industry news right when I wake up. Largely from my twitter feed. This is usually around 6:30-7:00am. I “try” to exercise. Sometimes I do it, sometimes I don’t.

I read scriptures daily. I know that’s not for everyone, but honestly, my religion is a big part of my day and decision making and I spend a lot of time praying/meditating about decisions.
I am usually on the email first thing in the morning, which sometimes can take 1-2 hours based on the load.  Then, I am usually working on a various product or on the phone for the rest of the day.

I try my best to be done by 5. Sometimes it's much more. Some days are much less.  Over the years I have been able to balance better due to having a family. I don’t kid myself. This is a lifestyle business so you have to build it for the lifestyle that you want.

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18. Evgeniy Garkaviy is an SEO consultant, Adwords certified specialist and blogger. Online marketing strategist, he is also the co-owner of, MarchesHour Directory, Marches Hour

Currently, I spend too much time working every day. I can’t say that it has any particular structure. My typical day starts with browsing emails. Next, I handle my urgent tasks and then move onto my usual tasks.

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19. ​Jason Acidre is the Co-founder of Xight Interactive, and the author of Kaiserthesage. Follow him on twitter @jasonacidre.

•    Emails
•    Check Analytics
•    Work on the most important task for the day (could be a site audit, research, outreach, audit reports/recommendation, testing new things, etc…)
•    Pick the best 3 articles I can find to read for the day.

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20. Bill Burniece is a full-time internet marketer since 2006 (read more about him HERE)

I'm completely task-oriented. I divide each day up into the tasks I've chosen to complete the night before. I assign each task a segment with a specific start and end time and work each to completion uninterrupted. It's regimented, but I do allow for some flexibility since something unexpected often comes up.

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21. Matthew Yeoman currently writes social and online marketing articles for the Bytion family of websites, manages a successful online privacy and security website, and very bad fiction.

I wake up at around 6:30am. I start checking my email at around 7, and then I get cracking on the work for the day. This usually involves checking in with the writers I manage, just to see what they have gotten up to while I was asleep. My goal is to publish at least one article a day, which is possible considering the team I work with. The most important moment in my work day is my nap at around 12:30 PM. I don't know how I would function without my nap. This is a need for my biphasic sleep cycle, I'm not that old yet…

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2​2. Corinne Kerston is a freelance writer and blogger for hire. She specializes in online marketing, business branding and B2B and B2C content. Her goal is to help businesses boost their exposure through engaging, well-written content. Connect with Corinne on her website or Twitter.

Not very well, honestly. Mostly because it revolves around my kids’ schedules. I have one in preschool and one in elementary, and they finish school at different times. So I work when I can. But basically I spend the first half an hour to an hour on email, commenting on other blogs and social media. The rest of my work hours are spent differently, depending on what client work I have to do, and of writing my own blog.

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2​3. Eric McGehearty, As CEO of Globe Runner, Eric goes above and beyond in order to achieve quantifiable results for clients. Founded in 2009 during a devastating economic slump, Globe Runner is one of the fastest-growing online marketing companies in Texas, and now employs a team of twenty elite individuals.

Beyond direct results, Eric pushes the boundaries when it comes to what a business can achieve in the public sphere. He’s a firm believer in conscious capitalism, and works to ensure that anyone in association with Globe Runner gains from that relationship – whether it’s a client, an employee or a vendor.

I spend all day meeting with clients and perspective clients. I've learned that my biggest value of the team is in brainstorming and communicating our strategy for each client.

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2​4. Kent Lewis is President and Founder of Anvil, a consultancy specializing in measurable marketing that moves businesses forward. Under his leadership, Anvil has been recognized as an Inc. 5000 fastest growing private company as well as most admired, most philanthropic and a fastest growing company by and Portland Business Journal.

Lewis’s industry recognition and awards include Portland Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40, Top 25 Most Influential Pay-per-Click Experts and American Marketing Association Marketer of the Year.

As President, I focus on driving the business via strategic planning, marketing, sales and business development, so my day is full of meetings, phone calls and emails.

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2​5. Jey Pandian is a Highly Experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Professional & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Consultant.

I  start the day by checking in with my team, how their night went and what their plans for the weekend are; then I run through Google Webmaster Console for every site that we manage, check every single traffic and conversion metrics, then check in with my project manager to see what kind of roadblocks were created/resolved, then I move on to the strategic elements of my role.

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2​6. ​​Frank Scharnell is a Denver based digital marketing specialist. Frank has been in the industry since 2011, working with a variety of sites and clients. He’s currently a Partner at Juris Digital, a law firm specific, results driven agency.

It always needs to start with a good cup of coffee. Usually, from there I will catch up on blogs in the industry and build a workflow for my day. Since I find great satisfaction in crossing off tasks, I build my workflow of project tasks and let the crossing out begin!

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2​7. Bill Sebald is the co-owner of Greenlane Search Marketing, LLC. SEO, designer, blogger, and occasional speaker. He considers himself as a straight-shooter practicing agile white-hat SEO, focusing mostly on contextual marketing to optimize for search engines on behalf of the searchers.

1. Review client dashboards
2. Email
3. Meetings
4. Then I work to leave the rest of the day as open as possible for all the ad hoc client and company tasks. I really try to split the day into two halves. It doesn’t always go that way, but I try!

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2​8. Alex Johnson is the founder of, a UK based SEO and online PR agency who specialize in working with small businesses. Alex loves helping small businesses to get started online, he is also an expert in traffic generation and conversion rate optimization and loves every aspect of online business.

My day generally starts by catching up on emails, responding to clients and such like. I try to communicate constantly with my clients – I hate the thought of just sending a round up email once a month, it's so impersonal.

After that I review my to do list, have a chat with my staff about what they are working on and ensure that we all have a plan for the day. Then I get to work on whatever needs doing.

The work is so varied that it would be impossible to outline a standard day, some days I might be brainstorming content ideas, reviewing analytics data and figuring out a strategy to improve a website, looking at competitors' sites and link profiles etc…

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2​9. Danny Cave is a data driven digital marketing and Web analytics expert and leader.

Having spoken at events across the UK and USA on topics of data driven SEO, data journalism and growth marketing he is a proponent of holistic digital marketing, innovation in SEO and high growth marketing. You can read his blog or follow his tweets at @dancave.

There is no such thing at a startup, haha. But it might surprise you how much user testing is playing in a part in what I do on a weekly basis. Having a site that converts well is a win win, more signed up users, and less ‘pogo sticking’ users sending bad signals to google.

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​30. ​​Rey Baguio is the CEO of Zarangola Media. For a couple of years now, he has been helping out businesses and companies in achieving their business goals.

By utilizing social media, SEO and content management tools and strategies, companies are able to boost up their branding and engagement with their customers.

It's a struggle, but I try to wake up around 6am. List down at least 3 things on my To-Do list. Check on my teams. Answer emails. Take care of some tasks for work. Engage with people and groups online. Think and list down ideas and possible opportunities to collaborate with others. Touch-base with prospects and clients. Then, as much as possible, do non-work related activities in the evening. That's about it, I guess.

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​31. Christi Tasker is drawn to luxury marketing by the rich, vibrant imagery. She loves the stunning photography and the attention to artistic detail that sets it apart.

A lifelong devotee of style, she knows instinctively what the luxury consumer wants to see and hear, and from her experience working with high-end designers, artists and manufacturers, she knows how to deliver it in a way that keeps people talking. (from: About)

Wake up. Shower. Work 9-14 hour days. I stay focused and reduce interference. It is rare that I get asked to lunch because I've declined so many times that I don't keep my schedule open at lunch time.

Some days consist of travel for client meetings or speaking engagements and even so….there is no $15 in flight internet fee that will stop me from working.

Matter of fact, as long as the internet is functioning properly I often get more work completed on planes that anywhere else. I take the Mary Kay approach and control my own schedule to reduce the conception that I'm “not working”.

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​32. Danny Dover is a passionate SEO, influential writer and obsessed Life List completer.

He is the author of the best selling book Search Engine Optimization Secrets and was the co-founder of Making it Click, a marketing training course.

Before starting his own company, Danny was the Senior SEO Manager at AT&T and the Lead SEO at SEOmoz.

I wake up at around 8:00 AM, have a quick breakfast and tea and then start some low risk/low intensity Life List item practices (depending on my current projects this could be something like practicing the piano or practicing Spanish).

After that, I get to inbox zero and do some client work. I break for lunch and then leave my office to go to a cafe to do my more creative work. After that, I eat, exercise, go for a long walk and then do more client work. I go to bed around 11:00 PM.

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​33. Fitz Gerard Villafuerte, RFP is a civil engineer who decided to quit the corporate world back in 2003 to pursue entrepreneurship.

His blog Ready To Be Rich, has won several awards, including the Best Business and Finance Blog at the Philippine Blog Awards.

He has also been recognized by Moneysense Magazine as among the Top 12 Most Influential People in Personal Finance in the Philippines.

I typically start my day at around 10am where I do my morning routine. Depending on my tasks for the day, I would either stay at home and work, go out for a meeting, or run errands. My work day ends at dinner time, and usually I spend 9pm onwards talking to friends or doing personal projects.

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​3​4. Zac Johnson has been making money online for nearly 20 years now and would love to help you do the same. That's the reason why he created his own blog at

With over 1,000 original and real life experience based articles, He will continue to walk you through the ups and downs, and in and outs of affiliate marketing and how others are making money online.

Zac Johnson

Usually wake up around 9am, check my email and start working on various projects (mainly my own sites and ad campaigns). The day consists of checking emails, working on content, doing outreach and promotion, while also maybe fitting in an interview or two as well.

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​35. Ian Brodie teaches consultants and coaches how to win more clients and build a thriving business online.

As a marketing speaker and coach, he has been named as one of the “Top 50 Global Thought Leaders in Marketing and Sales” by Top Sales World magazine and as one of the “Resources of the Decade” for professional services marketing by

His book “Email Persuasion” has been the #1 selling book on email marketing for the last year or so on Amazon globally with over 100 five star reviews.

Ian Brodie

There’s not a lot of structure to it – that’s what I like. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays it’s my job to drop our youngest off at school, so after that I head to a coffee shop and work there for a while.

On Mondays, I do planning for the week. Other days I’ll work on new ideas and written content. Or maybe get in some reading. I plan out my big tasks for the week in that Monday session, but I usually have very varied weeks depending on what my priorities are.

I spend quite a lot of time working on in-depth content for my membership site, and answering questions from members. The rest of the time I’ll be creating content for my main site or working on marketing. Or, of course, having fun.

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​3​6.​ Jan Koch helps entrepreneurs set up systems grow their business online by leveraging today's technical capabilities, and free them from technical obstacles, so that they can focus on their main business.

Jan Koch

Every evening I plan 3-5 important tasks for the next day. I usually get at least 2 of them done before checking emails (I only check email twice daily and clear my inbox to zero every day). Other than that, there’s no fixed schedule. My girlfriend and I have a dog, a horse and two rabbits – so we never get bored and things come up unexpectedly.

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​3​7. Blogger. Marketer. Entrepreneur. James McAllister teaches bloggers how to build their businesses by telling them what works instead of what they want to hear. Check out what he has to offer at

When I wake up, I write down all of my goals for that day and the order in which I want to complete them. As long as those things get done, I’m satisfied. From there, I take things as they come and allocate time as I see fit.

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​38. ​Dragos Roua is a serial entrepreneur, personal development fanatic, author, ultra-runner, father, tanguero and risk taker.

He blogs at about entrepreneurship, how to live a better life or his challenges as an ultra-runner.

I wake up, normally, between 5 and 6 AM. I do yoga, meditation and some physical routine (running or swimming). Then I check my day agenda and try to schedule my tasks. Normally, I work from my own hub now, and that means that I have to cope with a lot of operational, day to day stuff (taking care of the supplies, talking to people, etc), but apart from that, I spend at least 2-3 hours doing research, writing or creating other types of content (video or audio). My work day ends usually at 5-6 PM, but there are situations when I have to stay at the hub until 9-10PM. I usually go the bed between 9 and 10 PM.

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​39. Fabrizio Van Marciano is a passionate website designer, graphic designer and professional blogger.

He blogs at where he loves to share tips, strategies, ideas and advice on blogging, web design, conversion optimisation and marketing.

Fabrizio Van Marciano

OK, so I have my own office at home, and that’s where most of the magic happens and where most of my time is spent five days a week. After dropping off my kids to school, which is literally across the road less than 50 yards away from our home, I begin creating my to-do list over some coffee.

So I divide my day into 4 parts. The first part usually consists of checking and responding to emails, doing Skype calls, updating social platforms etc. The second part is spent working on my blog, writing posts, or working with other freelancers that I’ve hired to do a particular job.

The third part is working on my client projects, website rebuilds and graphic design work. The fourth part of my working day, which is usually assigned to the evenings, I will focus on doing marketing and promotional work for my website, doing videos, podcasts and other fun stuff. I would say at the most I spend 12 hours a day working on my business, and when you’re working from home and not commuting, this is totally possible.

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​40. Valerie Joy Deveza is a social media manager, strategist and speaker who is passionate about helping small business owners optimize their online marketing efforts through detailed analysis.

My typical workday includes: checking Google Analytics, ask the team about our current content plan, check social ads and monitor leads.

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​41. Aditya Nath Jha is a blogger, vlogger, wordpress speed optimization expert and music lover.

Featured on NDTV, Microsoft's official blog and few other notable places, he is the founder of Inspire2rise, Cacheable and runs a technology YouTube channel for his own brand Inspire2rise.

I sleep around 1 AM and wake up at 7 am. After waking up I reply to emails on my phone while doing other day to day activities ( you know what I mean ). Once I have had breakfast, I head over to different places (including the house of my relatives) with my camera gear and everything and the products I am about to review for the day.

I try to push out one video every day, or one blog post so all of the effort goes into shooting as much as possible. By 2PM I am either editing the footage I took or writing a blog post. By 4-5 PM whatever I did for the day goes live on my website or YouTube channel.

The good thing about having your own content is that placing links and things like affiliate marketing and sponsored content opportunities open up when you own something of your own that gains a good standing!

And in the midst of all these I constantly have an awesome music playlist going on, and I can't stress how much the kind of music you listen to can make your day more productive and keep you on your toes!

4-5 PM I wind down a little and check out my social networks. Personally I find social networking to be a big time consumer and in case you can do without checking your Facebook and Instagram updates every few minutes then go for it!

I tend to watch videos by other creators too at this time as it's very important to keep in touch with the latest in industry. More often than not I am working on other people's projects too.
So right now I am working for videos and promotional material for a plugin called SchemaNinja so that takes up the rest of my time.

As for social life most of it is limited to meeting my friends on few weekends and attending press conferences and launches. I really want to stress out that people shouldn't forget to always have interaction with others, in our race to do more and achieve more we often forget that we are human beings and social interaction is something that's must for our mental well being.

It might sound too preachy but it's a dire situation for most entrepreneurs and people who follow a digital lifestyle to manage things because there's no upper limit for how much is too much. We keep putting in effort and don't know when to step back and relax and enjoy a little of the life that we have.

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​42.​ ​Maxwell Ivey is a 49-year-old blind gentleman who grew up in a family of carnival owners. All he ever wanted to do was to continue in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps and be part of the family business.

He did help in the business over the years, but couldn’t sustain it after the early death of his father (who had lung cancer). He then turned to helping people sell their amusement equipment. (from About)

Maxwell Ivey

With two businesses my day is not what I would ever call typical. About the only thing that is consistent is that I start my day by checking my email. I have clients in the amusement industry all over the world. So, I get up thinking there will be something good in my inbox that happened while I was asleep.

It doesn't always happen that way, but I believe in being optimistic. Some of the other things I do every day are recruit new clients and new listings, send out pitch emails to owners of blogs podcasts and radio shows, write new posts or record new podcasts for my sites, and take care of my physical health.

To maintain my weight I exercise at least 30 minutes every day and continue to follow a healthy diet. This means having to plan meals in advance and think about what I will have throughout the day.

My biggest problem area here is having to get 80 to 90 grams of protein every day.
Gastric surgery makes your body less able to process certain foods. So, you have to eat more of certain kinds of foods. And I have to drink lots of water and take vitamin supplements every day. But to me this isn't really a problem because I'm a firm believer that successful business people take care of their bodies.

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​43. Peter Banerjea is Co-Founder of SuccessIsWhat, a productivity coaching firm. He is a contributor to top blogs like the Huffington Post, Addicted2Success, Time Management Ninja and more.

Peter has trained and coached hundreds of business leaders from organizations like AXA, JCB, GKN, Kuoni, etc. as well as several entrepreneurs from across the globe.

On most days, I wake up at 6 and work for 60-90 minutes before breakfast at 8.30. On days when I don’t have to visit a client's office, I work till 11.30. Then I go for a run or practice a bit of martial arts at home.

Other fixed daily rituals that I follow include half an hour of meditation and pranyam in the evening, and reading from my Kindle for half an hour before I go off to sleep at 10.30-11.00.

I typically work for 6-7 complete hours a day. (Breaks are not included in this figure. That's extra.) Unless it's absolutely necessary I avoid working for more than 7 hours. I believe in the quality of work, not the number of hours.

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​44. Stuart McIlreavy owns and is a digital media professional with many years industry experience working primarily as an organic search consultant.

Stuart McIlreavy

It is not. First thing when I wake up. I say my prayers, then I blaze up. Get dressed sharp as a razor. Then it's back to getting cake bruh.

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​4​5.​ Felix Tarcomnicu works with Monitor Backlinks. He blogs about SEO, content marketing, traffic growth and more. You can connect with him on Twitter.

Right now I work with the SEO Tool Monitor Backlinks. I’m still very much involved in SEO, so my passion is paying off. Every day is different, depending on priorities. I always try to allocate a few days to creating well-researched content. That’s what naturally attracts readers and gives great results.

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​4​​6. ​Joy Hawkins has been working in the Local SEO industry since 2006 and enjoys making trips to Google as a part of their Top Contributor program.

Joy currently contributes to many online communities in the Local SEO world including the Google My Business forum (Top Contributor), the Local Search Forum(Top Contributor), and the Local University Forum (Moderator).

She is also a columnist for Search Engine Land, a speaker at SMX & Local University, a contributor to the Moz Local Search Ranking Factors survey, a Google MapMaker Regional Lead, and has been certified in both Google Search & Display.

In her spare time, Joy also loves to blog about things relating to Local SEO and Google My Business.

Joy Hawkins

​I spend about half my day focused on my clients (getting and maintaining accounts) and the other half on my product consultant role which involves keeping up with what’s going on in the industry, troubleshooting issues for clients of ours, and promoting/blogging.

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​4​7. ​Marco Saric's website was featured in Forbes, FHM, Inc. Magazine, Yahoo!, Social Media Examinerand several other high-profile sites.

He’s always been a music enthusiast and went one step further in his days as a metal head by creating an online site for Metallica, his favourite band.

Marko was just sixteen when his site became Denmark’s official Metallica fan club, which led to many musical adventures… and gave him a taste of online possibilities.

Marko Saric

Due to the nature of what I do I spend a lot of my day looking at the different screens. This means that I try to structure my day with some habits that help my body and eyes be less affected by this strain.

I try to look away from the screen every 20 mins or so. I try to stand up and walk as much as possible, such as when doing meetings and calls. There are some apps that you can use to help you with this. All this keeps me more focused and productive for when I am in the work flow.

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​4​8. ​​Steve Morgan is a Freelance SEO Consultant trading as Morgan Online Marketing. In addition to his own blog (SEOno), he also blogs for State Of Digital. Follow Steve on Twitter: @steviephil.

​I mainly work from Welsh ICE, a co-working space based just outside where I live in Cardiff – it’s about a 15-minute commute. I usually get there around 8:30am, try to max out my time with client work, head home around 5pm-ish, work some more, then spend some time with my 18-month-old boy before he goes to bed, then I usually chill in the evening with a TV show on Netflix and a glass of red wine – and I might blog, do some admin tasks, or read up about SEO while I’m at it.

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​4​​9.​ Andrew Steel is Head of SEO at Equator, leading a large team of SEO experts working for some of the world’s largest brands, including AXA and National Australia Group.

Based in Glasgow, UK, Andrew has over 10 years’ experience working in SEO.

Andrew Steel

I wouldn't say I have a "typical day", so to speak, as it can vary substantially depending on time of year and client projects launching. Often I'll spend the first hour of the day catching up on emails, catching up with my team leads and updating my schedule for the week (it can change a lot day-to-day!). After that, it will usually be a mix of meetings (internal and external), planning sessions and producing work for client and internal projects.

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​​50.​ Logan Lenz is a serial entrepreneur that innovates within the music and web industries. His first company is called Endagon Enterprises, which is a full-service web agency that also builds its own web properties.

He also owns and operates a humor t-shirt website called Iced Tees and have helped to start a handful of other businesses.

Read in the morning. Write content thereafter. I send out all reports later in the day after I’m able to decipher value from throughout the day.

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51. Gary Andrew Lacanilao is an Online Marketing, Lead Generation, and Marketing Development Consultant, a Former Co-Founder of Maxweb, Inc. and Clever Outsourcing, with nine strong years of experience.

Gary spent years in White/Private Label industry and worked with over 3000 online marketing, advertising, cloud computing, MLM, web design, hosting, and business agencies.

I wake up around 5am
Leave house at 6am

I start my office around 8:30 (I usually came to office first; our working hours starts at 9am.)
First thing to do is to make a gooooood coffee! Hit the like button if you also do that! Second, are prioritizing the tasks according to their importance, risks (if there's any), timeline, and the size of the campaign.

Then, I'll start to list down the things to do and delegate each tasks to our employees for each campaigns that needs to be prioritized within the day and in the next two days. After the delegation of tasks, monitoring the status of the VIP campaigns is a must.

I remember spending a whole day for an insurance company that is spending over Php200k monthly on their marketing campaign. Closely monitoring this kind of campaign is a must! Because of you don’t, they'll leave you, even if you haven't finished the first month of your campaign. Again, don't forget to build relationship and build your rapport.

Then, emails… a lot of emails…
Small trainings while our employees are doing their tasks. (Nakikisawsaw ako lagi sa kanila, sorry guys..)
Interview (if there's any)

Then, leave the office around 6-8pm (the latest I remember is around 2am with Oliver Saguibo)

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​​52. ​Max Tandefelt is a Digital Marketing Manager for LogicSpot – a full service eCommerce agency based in London.

He has been working in various digital roles across Europe since 2007, working for B2B, B2C, in-house and digital agencies. He has expertise in SEO, social and digital change management and is passionate about web analytics.

It really depends on the ongoing work, but I start by reading my usual blogs and checking stats for clients to see if there are any changes. I try to stay updated with each of the industries in which my clients operate as well so I research quite a lot. Apart from that I manage our projects and talk with our clients to keep them up to date with what we/they are doing and next steps.

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​53. Pashmina Lalchandani is the founder of Flow Simple, a Google Adwords Certified Partner and paid search services company. She is a pioneer in the online marketing space with over 10 years of experience.

Passionate, strategic and straightforward, Pashmina has grown dozens of companies from small startups to mature companies through paid advertising.

Flow Simple has worked with 80+ companies including startups such as Tuckernuck (a 500 startups graduate), Wanderable, and Voxy to grow their revenue through paid search.

Pashmina Lalchandani

A typical work day consists of going through a round robin of optimization tasks on various client campaigns. In general, I will scan the campaign data over various short term and long term dates, and make some assessments on what to adjust. I may make bid changes, add new negative keywords, add new keyword opportunities, try new ad copy – any optimization that I think will have a positive impact on the campaign performance.

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​​54. ​Lars Bachmann has been working with marketing and SEO for over 10 years. The first couple of years in the advertising business, and later on, 7 years as an SEO consultant and entrepreneur.

Now Lars Bachmann works as Online marketing manager at which is Denmark's largest webshop in the bike industry.

You can visit his blog in Danish at

Lars Bachmann

I typically use the first hour to check my E-mails, and make a to-do plan. Then I follow up on ongoing projects, and make plans for new ones. On a daily basis I always check our rankings, and see if there is anything to worry about.

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​​55. ​​Matt Antonino is one of the young-minded old guys of digital marketing. He started marketing his own businesses in 2003 and has been deeply involved in the SEO & marketing community ever since.

Matt worked at one of the largest SEO agencies in the world as a senior manager and helped over 2500 businesses grow and improve their marketing.

Recently, Matt opened his own agency, Stack Digital, where the focus is entirely on providing exceptional business growth results to clients using multiple marketing channels.

Trello helps me stay organised, but otherwise I just have to laugh for a minute. I don’t have a real “typical work day” – I am everywhere doing as much as possible.

In my previous agency role, I would be doing audits, keyword research or helping others on the team answer technical questions, but now that I’m in my own startup agency, it’s just whatever needs doing right now.

I do recommend the Eisenhower Matrix (Important/Not Important & Urgent/Non-Urgent) for everyone.

Doing the “important / urgent” tasks is all I have time for at the moment, but when you can prioritise around this type of day, you’ll get the big wins done every time and ignore all the little stuff you could’ve said no to in the first place.

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​​56. ​Greg Strandberg is a professional writer. He has more than 50 books selling on Amazon. Strandberg bills himself as a content curator.

His “Midweek Content Roundup” posts on his website Big Sky Words collect the best SEO, social media marketing, and content marketing news from each week for you.

Greg Strandberg

I get up and write 1,000 words or more on my current novel. After that I check my 18 sites and post to my social groups. I also work on my Midweek content curation post, which appears on my site each Wednesday. I work all day and on the weekends too. I do this because I enjoy writing. I love my job and am very lucky to do it.

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​​57. ​​Tommy Landry is a well-rounded leader who has flourished in both startup and corporate environments. His ability to maneuver ambiguity and deliver results has enabled him to excel in a variety of professional scenarios. (from LinkedIn)

There is no such thing as a typical work day. Some days, I’m generating or editing content. Other days, it’s fire drill after a fire drill. Still other days, I’m marketing and selling our services. The one thing that is typical is that no day is typical. But that is what keeps it fun and challenging, so I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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​​58. ​​Samuel Miranda is Marketing Director at Right Casino Media Ltd, the chief product being online casino comparison engine

He is an experienced marketing blogger, having shared some of his tactics on MOZ and Advanced Web Ranking.

It’s mainly structured around managing people – designers, developers and the content team. Any spare time is used for checking up on paid media campaigns, talking to partners and for analysing competitors so we’re never left behind.

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​​59. ​​David Vallance is a writer who fell into digital marketing after he got bored brewing, tasting and writing about beer.

He marries a pragmatic approach to link building with a focus on genuinely valuable content to drive long term growth for online businesses.

David joined the newly rebranded agency Digital Impact in 2014 and set about defining a brand voice and iconic content style across its various platforms.

I don’t really have a typical day. It might be working on internal marketing materials, rewriting site copy of planning influencer outreach. This lack of dull, boring, routine is one of the reasons why I love this job so much.

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​​60. ​Chris Lister is the Senior Director of Development for WebRanking, a digital marketing company founded in Portland, Oregon in the Spring of 1998.

Chris has been with the company since March of 2002 and has over 20 years’ experience in marketing, sales and communications.

Over the years at WebRanking, Chris’ role has evolved to include overseeing the SEO strategy for a majority of WebRanking’s accounts, along with providing content strategy, social media consulting and social media paid advertising for their clientele.

I typically spend the first hour of my day getting caught up on emails, quickly browsing Twitter, checking Facebook Ad data, analytics and other data resources for different client campaigns.

As I’m more productive earlier in the day, I’ll then jump into whatever project I’ve got lined up.
I typically don’t take a lunch break until later in the day (around 2pm) because I know after lunch, I’m not as productive and my eye for detail isn’t as great.

After lunch I’ll finish up any outstanding project work I have for the day, spend time reading blog posts, and getting back to any client emails that are in my inbox.

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​​61. ​Gradiva Couzin has been working in SEO since 1998 and is a partner at Gravity Search Marketing LLC, an online discoverability consultancy founded in 2006 by Couzin and Jennifer Grappone.

Gravity’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, entertainment, B2B, e-commerce, and non-profit. Couzin and Grappone co-wrote Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day (Wiley, 2006, 2008, 2011) and Five Stars: Putting Online Reviews to Work for Your Business (Wiley, 2014).

I work from home, as does everyone at our company, so I have the easiest commute ever! Our whole team is on Skype and in constant communication. I’m somewhat baffled when friends ask if I have a hard time being productive working from home. Working without interruption: what’s not to like?

My day starts with checking my morning alerts from paid search campaigns.
This is followed by a plethora of emails; reviewing and sending out reports and deliverables for clients; and lots of brainstorming and collaboration over Skype with my partner, Jennifer Grappone, and the rest of our team.

We keep open lines of communication with clients, so I’m always available for an email or a call with a client who has a question.

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​​62. ​Colin Cheng is the Senior Marketing Manager at MintTwist – a full-service digital agency in London. Colin works on several digital marketing projects from local search campaigns for boutique businesses to international campaigns for multi-national brands.

He has worked in digital marketing since leaving university but has been building websites and running blogs since he was 11. Colin’s main digital marketing interests are SEO, digital advertising, analytics and content creation.

Team meetings are held in the morning and then the rest of the day is made up multiple tasks across multiple clients. In the morning I’ll make a note to check the high level performance of campaigns and any advertising campaigns we’re running. We also visit clients often so will be out of the office for meetings regularly. I tend to have an energy spurt in the evening so I find that I’m most productive between 4-7pm.

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​​63. ​​Aaron Agius is an experienced search, content and social marketer. He has worked with IBM, Ford, LG, Unilever and many more of the world’s largest and most recognized brands, to grow their revenue. See more from Agius at Louder Online.

Aaron Agius

We have a lot of international clients so when I wake up I skim email quickly on my phone to check for anything urgent that needs my attention. When I get to work I usually have a few early morning calls with overseas clients, then get through my emails until about lunch time. The afternoon is spent on strategy sessions with my team ensuring all work effort in search marketing for our clients is focused on what is going to achieve the best results.

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​​64. ​​Daniel Morgan is an International SEO & digital marketing consultant based in Milan, Italy. Over 5 years of experience in the UK, China and Europe.

If I’m travelling into Milan for meetings, I’ll be on the train checking out Twitter and LinkedIn reading some of the latest articles about SEO but also digital marketing and e-commerce trends.

I also spend that time reviewing and adding anything to my to-do list for the day. The morning is certainly my most-productive time of the day so that’s where I try to get the vast bulk of my work for clients done.

Afternoons are generally when I have most meetings with clients and I can also focus on both looking for new opportunities for freelance work and writing new articles and posts to help me build my profile a bit more.

It’s quite common in Milan to have networking “Aperitivo” evenings, which means drinks accompanied by bite-size snacks; there’s a significant and established tech and startup scene here, although of course not on the same scale as London or Berlin.

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​​65. ​​Nuno ​Hipólito works in online marketing since 2006, starting of as a SEO specialist he’s now director of Resolution Media in Portugal, an Omnicom Media Group brand.

Nuno Hipolito

There is no typical work day.

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​​66. ​​Bernadette Coleman is the CEO of Advice Interactive Group, an award winning digital agency focused on improving visibility for local clients across the digital universe.

Bernadette is an industry expert and skilled in local search optimization and local search engine marketing.

Her digital technology company and local search agency are one of the fastest growing Companies in the U.S. by Inc. 500 for 2012, 2013 and again in 2014.

Her team at Advice Interactive has built strong relationships through successful partnerships with top brands.

Bernadette Coleman

I'm not sure there is a structure once I get to the office. That's what makes my job so exciting. Every day is different.

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​​67. ​​Michael Cottam is an independent SEO consultant based in Portland, Oregon. He’s also the founder of Visual Itineraries, a service for travel agents to help show a destination, hotels, sights, etc. to a client.

He’s also a Moz Associate, helping with questions in Moz Q&A and contributing posts to the main Moz blog.

In his free time, he enjoys motorcycles (racing, touring, and watching MotoGP), scuba diving, traveling, and photography

Michael Cottam

Every day is a different mix: site audits, client calls, topic/keyword research, on-page recommendations, coaching calls.

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​​6​8. ​​​​​​​Bharati Ahuja is founder of WebPro Technologies India, an SEO trainer and speaker, web entrepreneur, blog writer, and Internet marketing consultant.

The day begins with checking and replying to emails and messages. Then usually I have a one to one with each team member regarding the projects they handle and check if the projects are going as per our SEO philosophy. Post lunch it is usually scheduled meetings with the clients discussing various issues/reports about their websites.

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​​6​9.​ John Doherty is a San Francisco based growth marketer. Formerly growth at Trulia Rentals, head of marketing at HotPads, former head and consultant in Distilled NYC.

He also ran Destinee Media in Switzerland and worked in-house in online education. He currently runs full-time.

John Doherty

Well, I am newly self-employed so my day varies. I do have a personal daily routine which involves waking at 8am, playing with my dog, saying goodbye to my wife, and then getting right down to work to do some writing. I shower about 930am and then my day is a combination of writing, phone calls, managing HireGun, and consulting. I finish up around 530-6 most days and then have the evening with my wife and friends. I work very hard, but work-life balance is very important to me as well.

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​​70.​​​​​ Jonathan Guy has worked in Sales and Marketing for over 30 years and specialises in bringing traditional marketing and advertising principles and practices to the digital arena.

Having worked for many years for Yell Group, provider of Yellow Pages in the UK, he set up Aqueous in 2010.

He has an MBA from Henley Management School, has been a Chartered Marketer for the past decade and is a Certified Adwords professional.

I am old Fashioned and still carry round a big notepad and a diary. I use these to structure what I do with certain 'cornerstone' projects such as budgeting and writing the Strategic Marketing plan sitting alongside day to day elements. I try to accomplish the larger projects as a priority and then fill with the smaller day to day tasks.

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​​71.​​​​​ Peter Attia is the Director of Content and Search at Modernize and has been in the online marketing world for over a decade.

He’s been a founding member of multiple multimillion dollar businesses and has worked closely with multiple Fortune 100 companies.

Peter Attia

I have to get a cup of coffee before anything (yes, I’m that guy). Then the first thing I do is scan my emails for anything high priority or that needs to be on my radar for the day.

Afterwards I do a quick run through of our analytics to see if there’s any unexpected spikes. If there’s a huge spike in traffic, we need to pin down the source and see how we can pull more awareness out of it.

Then, I try to prioritize what needs to be done for the day and try to make sure this correlates with due dates and time required to complete.I usually end up doing this in a similar fashion to a dev sprint, by prioritizing things into a two week time period as well as a daily tasks.

The rest of my day is spent in strategy meetings and going through workflows I’ve listed out for myself. I always make sure to carve out some time around lunch or the end of the day to see if there are any industry articles or announcements I should read or bookmark for later.

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​​72.​​​​​ Carla Dawson is a senior Digital Marketing Consultant and manages a boutique Lead Generation Marketing Agency called Dawson.

She has more than 10 years experience in the digital marketing and software development industry.

Carla is originally from San Diego, California but lives in Argentina as an Expat.

Carla Dawson enjoys working with successful companies like Apex America, ENGworks and start-ups like RapiHogar.

Carla Dawson

Meetings, Operations and client visits.

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​​73.​​​​​ Alex Ramadan is a Senior SEO Specialist at US Interactive Media. He has worked with a large range of clients, big and small in a number of industries.

He is also the developer of a small iOS app called Write365, which gives users creative writing prompts. He occasionally writes on his own site here.

It’s probably pretty typical when it comes to an agency. I have a number of accounts I manage, so my day is spent working on them. Anything from working on new recommendations, to identifying a problem and finding a fix. In between this type of work I’ll read SEO blogs or check in on Twitter to see if something new has popped up.

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​​74.​​​​​ ​​​​Simon Penson is founder and managing director of Zazzle Media, an international content marketing agency based in Peterborough and London.

He is one of the most prominent writers and speakers in the digital marketing space, having grown Zazzle into one of the most respected agencies in the UK.

As a Managing Director I get very little time to work on specific campaigns now, instead focusing on strategy, recruitment and new business. That usually means lots of meetings early before I might get into a conversation about content ideas for a client, general operational progress or new business pitches.

The general pattern is start early, collate information and steer questions before getting into something myself in the second half of the day. I will then tend to write posts or prepare speaking presentations in the evening.

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​​75.​​​​​ ​​​​Amy Hebdon is the following: Paid Search professional with more than a decade experience running results-driven SEM campaigns, achieving aggressive CPA/CPLs in Pharma, Financial Services, Tech, Consumer/Retail, Restaurant, and Hotel verticals.

My work consists mostly of audits, build-outs, analysis, optimization, reporting, and meetings / client education. I try to dedicate chunks of time in the day to specific clients so I don’t have to spend much time jumping in and out of different accounts, although it’s hard when people need questions answered right away.

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​​76.​​​​​ ​​​​Adam J Thompson has 10 years of experience in digital marketing and internet business, having owned several online business ventures and worked with clients from a variety of industries across the globe.

Adam founded RYP Marketing in 2006 with the goal of providing highly effective online marketing services to small and medium sized companies.

Adam’s articles and tutorials have been published by Search Engine Journal, SEOmoz, Blogging Tips, and others. (from: Linkedin)

As Director Of Digital Services, my work day tends to be structured around responding to client requests, assisting team members when they hit problems, and determining strategy. In other words, my schedule is pretty much made by what’s in my inbox.

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​​77.​​​​​ ​​​​Eric Pratum is a digital strategist with a background in analytics, SEO, digital media, and nonprofits.

For the last five years, he’s focused specifically on nonprofit fundraising – having launched websites, CRO campaigns, and digital media programs that have generated returns often unseen in this space.

Prior to that, Eric managed eCommerce websites, built an online auction system, and engineered a social media analytics program back when social media monitoring was the wild west of the online data space.

Eric Pratum

I often start and end my day with report checks, looking at things like Google Analytics to make sure that everything is running properly. The middle of my day is filled with meetings and projects like creative briefs, audits, report generation, etc.

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​​78.​​​​​ ​​​​Tara M. Clapper is Blog Editor at SEMrush and Senior Editor at The Geek Initiative, a website celebrating women in geek culture.

Tara is a prolific content creator, having written thousands of blog posts, small business websites and other inbound marketing content through the course of her career.

Tara enjoys blogging about SEO copywriting, content management, corporate culture, personal branding, networking and LinkedIn.

She has over a decade of experience in digital publishing. Connect with her on Twitter @TaraMClapper.

Tara Clapper

It depends on the day. I balance meetings, e-mail correspondence, editing (keeping best SEO practices in mind), SEO content writing, working with our Customer Success department to get stellar content on the blog, podcasting, working with content partners, a bit of content marketing, event attendance, making coffee, and more. It’s important to note that no matter how busy I am, SEMrush emphasizes the importance of creativity, owning your process, teamwork, and personal branding.

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​79.​​​​​ ​​​​Amanda DiSilvestro gives small business and entrepreneurs SEO advice ranging from Google Analytics to recovering from Panda and Penguin updates.

She writes for the nationally recognized SEO Company that offers online marketing services to a wide range of companies across the country.

Amanda DiSilvestro

My typical workday involves waking up and reading some of the SEO blogs to see if I missed any news, and then thinking of story ideas for the day (which is NOT easy). Sometimes thinking of story ideas can take an hour or longer because I need to think of several, and I need them to be unique and relevant.

Once I have my ideas ready to go, I answer all my emails, check to see if any of my articles went live for me to promote socially, and then I get to writing. After researching, writing, and uploading or sending an article, I go through and socially promote articles again, check emails again, and then it’s on to writing the next article.

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​80.​​​​​​ Nora Dunn is The Professional Hobo – a woman who sold everything she owned in Canada (including a busy financial planning practice) in 2006 to embrace her dreams of full-time travel.

She has been on the road ever since, earning a location independent living as a writer on the topics of travel, personal finance, and lifestyle design.

Her latest book (Working on the Road) helps people design careers around their travel and lifestyle preferences, and her monthly “Dear Nora” column on answers commonly asked questions about travel and finance.

I’ve been living on the road since 2007, traveling full-time and making money with little more than my laptop and an internet connection.

So “typical” isn’t really part of my vocabulary! But I generally find my most productive time of day is in the mornings – so that’s when I try to get the lion’s share of my work done.

Although it’s a good practice to stay offline and get my writing done first, I often get distracted by online tasks such as email and social media, so it takes some discipline to stay focused and productive.

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​81.​​​​​​ Marvin Russell is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and a self-proclaimed “obsessive, compulsive, perfectionist”.

He is the former CEO of The Ocean Agency (acquired in 2014), a digital marketing agency in Chicago that worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including: Walgreens, Sprite, Toyota, CareerBuilder and BlackBerry.

He has been interviewed on NBC, CBS, ABC, Inc Magazine, Website Magazine, and Crain’s Business Chicago.

Currently, Marvin is working on SaaS startup, MySiteAuditor, a white-label, website audit and analysis tool that helps digital marketing agencies generate leads in 20 languages around the world.

Marvin Russell

I make checklists on every morning before I do anything. It’s a cure for my ADHD. Checklists are the most important productivity tool known to man.

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​82.​​​​​​ Chris Long is the Inbound Marketing Manager at ProFromGo Internet Marketing. He is an enormous fan of all things search.

He is constantly keeping up with the latest Google algorithms and analyzing new tools to help ProFromGo’s clients succeed.

Not only does he have an eye for great marketing campaigns, but he also takes great pride in being able to track the dollar return on each one.

Chris’s love of search marketing may only be surpassed by his enthusiasm for fitness and health. He can often be found running or biking on the South Side River Trail or lifting heavy things at LA Fitness.

When you work for a small company there is no typical work day. My weeks are comprised of content research and execution, networking groups, sales meetings, project management, and client onboarding & maintenance conversations.

The one constant is the content research and execution. Each week, I take a look at our clients’ current content strategy and evaluate what changes need to be made in order to drive results. Today? I spent my morning doing this interview.

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​83.​​​​​​ Bart van der Meer is the owner of Klik Proces. An SEO and converson optimization company based in The Netherlands.

Our team of fifteen professionals loves content creation, design, promotion, analytics, experiments and sandwiches.

I have by no means any typical day. Since we work with 15 people every day is different. The only thing that is always the same is the team meeting every Monday morning. Other than that days are always different between meetings, projects, reports, analytics etc.

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​84.​​​​​​ Dan Callis is an SEO Analyst at Further, an award winning digital agency based in East Anglia.

Dan has been working in the SEO industry since 2011, working on all types of projects from large eCommerce and enterprise sites to SMB and local trade sites.

He also dabbles in videography under the name Callis Makes Films.

I get on the train at either 0755 or 0823 depending on how tired I am from playing football the night before. I have a 30 minute train journey which gives me a chance to catch up on social media and new posts on my Feedly.

I get into the Further’s Norwich HQ at 0830 or 0900. The first thing I do is check my emails.
Once those are out of the way I’ll dive into my to-do list and calendar to see what’s pressing for the day task wise.

Our office manager Holly usually offers to do a round of hot drinks before 0930. I used to have a coffee but I’ve recently quit caffeine, so now I have a fruity tea.
I tend to structure my working day with tasks that require intense thinking in the morning and early afternoon.

My brain tends to fire on all cylinders earlier in the morning, and starts to wind down around 1500, which is the ideal time to do simpler tasks, tie up loose ends or carry out admin tasks.

I leave the office around 1700 or 1730 to either catch the train home or go out skateboarding with the Head of the SEO team. How many people can say they skateboard with their boss after work?!

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​85.​​​​​​ Gareth Cartman is Director of Digital Marketing at CLD, a boutique UK digital performance agency based near London.

He’s been in SEO and digital marketing for 15 years, working across publishing, HR and technology while running his own sites and blogs.

He’s also a dad of two talkative young children, and for his sins he’s an Everton and a Boston Red Sox fan.

I’m up early – I have two young children and I live in a commuter town that seizes up at exactly 7:01am. So I’m in work early, and that helps. I use that extra time to get ahead of the day – clear out e-mails and stale to-dos from Basecamp – before cracking on with some writing before the team gets in.

There’ll be team meetings at the bar or on the sofas throughout the day, and we have a strictly-no-work-talk tea break at 3pm every day. We stole that idea from the Swedes who believe that teams collaborate better when they get on better.

I’m usually done by 5 – I’m not one for working late, although I’ve got the laptop on in the evening where I’m trying new things out. Currently I’m delivering a website via a database in Google Spreadsheets. It’s a geeky way to spend your evening, and I really should be on the bike instead.

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