The Death Of Print Advertising And Why Online Advertising Is The Future

The Death Of Print Advertising And Why Online Advertising Is The Future

How do you usually find out about a product or service you are interested in? How do you check the details, the specifications, the competition?

One thing that might immediately come to your mind would be to Google it. Because why not? The answer to what you’re looking for is at the tip of your fingertips. Amazing right? The wonders of a search engine.

And if you have social media accounts, that’s one of the easiest ways to look for what you need also. A lot of businesses have made their presence known in social media as this is a good venue for reaching their market.

There are millions of users in the internet and social media, the web really makes an interesting marketplace.

Online advertising is very convenient. Especially for people on the go. Information right straight to your smart phone.

For others, another method they may use for searching is through print advertising. Newspapers, flyers, white paper, billboards, and such. This method has been used for years, tried, tested, and reliable.

Print and online advertising are both being used currently but how will these methods fare into the future?

Holding on to what’s been tried and tested is not actually good for your business. Competition in business is tough as it is, and not adapting to change will put you more behind.

So if you’re still holding on to print advertising solely, you’ve got to think twice now. It may be the method that’s working for your business now but as mentioned previously, the future is up and coming and a lot of factors may change.

Customers’ preference will change. – Internet usage has become more prolific through the years, and surely access will still be wider in the future. With wider and easier access, more affordable gadgets, more people would be online.

With more people with access, this will mean that some customers you are reaching through print advertisement now might be more reachable over the net.

Competition will be tough. – As your customers will evolve, the method of reaching them will also change. You have to adapt quickly or lose them to competition.

Learning quickly won’t cut it also. You have to be prepared before it’s there. You might lose your customers in that duration of time you are learning the ropes. Anticipate the change. Many other businesses would also want to keep up, so be ahead of the race.

Time is of the essence. – The competition is also about who among the competitors can reach the target customers faster. We have mentioned previously about the fastest time to react. We now talk about the ads itself. Which is faster to produce, print or online materials? Which method has the faster distribution also?

For now, print ads may be effective in sending the message to your target markets who are in far flung areas with no internet access. However, the web will eventually find its way, online marketing would surely reach faster your once hard to reach market.

However, at this point if you’re still using print advertising, don’t be too quick to dismiss it just yet. We’re just saying that be open in learning about online advertising as early as now just to be ready. The future is coming and your business should be prepared.

Traditional Marketing Versus Online Marketing: What Really Works?

Marketing has truly evolved through the years. It kept up with the times and people are adapting to the marketing methods arising.

With the advent of technology, the internet has become a venue of multiple sorts. Since online presence is very much a must nowadays, a lot of establishments has taken their business online.

Putting up and raising your business, employing marketing to promote it – have been constants. However, the method of doing them has changed.

For a person growing their business, you are probably calculating the risks involved in using traditional marketing versus online marketing. Which will work best for your business? You want to be updated but you still think about how traditional marketing has also been successful.

Let’s differentiate between the two first. Traditional marketing has been used for several years. These are mostly in the form of print media, but not limited to it as TV commercials are also considered to be traditional. Flyers, billboards, newsletters and such are examples of print media.

This type of marketing may be quite familiar as we grew up to these ads over the years. Actually these type of ads are still used up to now. They are reliable and still being used.

Then came the internet. A total game changer. Suddenly, everything you want to know can be researched over the net. Just like that, advertisements have found their way on the web also.

Advertising online is very convenient as information is transmitted just right after some simple search. Then numerous platforms arose where you can promote your business. It’s all very dynamic and exciting.

There are many methods to employ traditional marketing alone. Same for online marketing also. So deciding between the two makes the mix a little more complicated. However, we say – it makes things more interesting.

Should you choose one over the other?

And why would you use one over the other, if so?

One thing you should ask first is, what’s the nature of your business?

What are you selling?

Who are you selling it to?

You may be curious why these questions should be answered first. You’re probably asking why shouldn’t we just decide right away which method to use, traditional or online?

Should we just cut to the chase?

First, one must understand that whatever marketing method you will use, you will still have to identify what your selling and who are you selling it to. This will determine what method you will be employing.

You are using marketing in the first place to reach a certain type of audience. The goal is to effectively reach your target market. Your type of marketing depends on your product and your audience. So it’s really imperative to take note of that first.

Do your research and study where you could reach your target market effectively. Like any other marketing campaign, surely you need to set aside a budget for it. How much are you willing to invest in it? How long would you like your campaign to run?

While traditional marketing is tried and tested, it doesn’t mean that online marketing isn’t effective. the internet has a wider reach that one shouldn’t underestimate as well. Traditional doesn’t mean old-fashioned and obsolete also. Although it may feel like everybody’s on their smart phone, some people may not be that tech savvy (or would you believe, some areas still do have limited to no access to the internet yet).

This is the very reason why you shouldn’t decide right away which method to use. Don’t assume how reachable your market is.

As you can see, it’s not really about pitting traditional versus online marketing. It all boils down to how you can effectively reach out to your customers. It’s about studying your market and applying which method works best.

It’s not also exclusive. If you’re going for traditional means, it doesn’t mean you can’t dabble with online marketing. And vice versa. You can choose to select one method or you can use a mixture of both.

We really can’t say what rules over the other. They both have their own merits and it all just depends on the market you are selling to.

So before you decide which method to use in your campaign, do your research and study how to best reach into your market. Then, you would know, what kind of marketing is best for your business.