No job is ever easy. It can be challenging at times. However, work is not always pure struggle. There is always something pretty rewarding at what we do. We experience that highs and lows but it’s always part of it. We just have to ride the waves – so to speak.

It’s the same with online marketers. These marketers share the most rewarding thing in about what they do. How about you, what do you feel is the most rewarding thing in what you do as well?

In my work, the most rewarding thing I found is the flexibility of time. I don’t have to work 9-5 and this attracts me the most. I am the boss of my own and I can manage and change the time I work in a week. It’s not compulsory for me to work 40 hours a week. I can either work 80 hours if I want or 20 hours in a specific week. – Umair Akram

The travel side of things. Seeing new places, experiencing new cultures and so forth. And it’s most rewarding of all when I am able to do this with my family. – Paul Johnson

My greatest passion and joy in my work is inspiring potential consumers to try a service or product they otherwise might not have discovered. Hopefully, it suits their needs and solves their personal pain points. Optimizing content, messaging, their experience and journey online is always a fulfilling enterprise.

Influence aside, to lead is to inspire. When I help brands socialize their message through governance, Omni-channel strategy, workflows, style guides, SEO, SEM, CMS migrations – you name it – this creates a brand new ecosystem. All the pieces within the assembly line converge to form the perfect experience. The art of learning to socialize different industries’ and business verticals’ messages promotes their content in the form a universal ecosystem. If users return for this content, and create a relationship with a certain experience, well that’s a huge win. – Suzanne Baran

The most rewarding thing that I do is help our clients grow their law firms. We’ve had some tremendous success stories and every-time I hear that our services have greatly benefited their livelihoods, it’s very rewarding! – Chris Dreyer

I really enjoy understanding people and what motivates them. I like figuring out what questions they’re asking online, and providing those answers. It’s great to be able to create something really helpful for people and decision-makers, and, in the process, expose them to our clients.

That’s what SEO really is: being the most helpful. Being a marketers doesn’t mean I’m just selling ad space, and trying to convince people to click a link or give us their credit card. We really can be resourceful; it’s the basis of what we get to do. – Nate Dame

Talking to the team, the users and seeing our KPIs go up. Sure, as I said I do enjoy the attention PR and marketing creates but at the end of the day our business is about helping people improve themselves on a daily basis and delivering a service that delights them so much that they want to pay for it. Building a company with my awesome team is all the reward I need. – Niklas Laninge

The variety of people I meet and projects on which I work. – Carla Johnson

The most rewarding part of what I do is seeing the final product and results. It’s always an amazing feeling knowing that you have accomplished what many might seem to think is the impossible. Seeing your hard work come to fruition and the results panning out over the course of a few months is a very good feeling. – Jeet Banerjee

Success. When you see a client start to see significant gains in traffic, that’s exciting stuff! – Eric Enge

Being able to help clients reach their point B. – Carlo Angelo Gonzales

For many years I was an analytics addict. I would look up when the Google bots came, which keyword ranking brought the most visitors each day etc. So ranking on top and seeing the traffic stats was the reward. Today I don’t watch the traffic on the street in front of my store to determine my success.

I rather look at the few people who contact me and want to work with me. It’s who they are and why they came that makes me happy. They mostly appear because they have read some of my writings. I even had a Zen master from Asia asking me for help after he found my Zen of SEO article. – Tadeusz Szewczyk

The most rewarding thing is being able to help passionate people achieve their dreams. One of my current clients is Dave Shultz from REALiTEE Golf. He’s one of the most passionate people I know and it’s an honor and pleasure to help him pursue his dreams. Working with clients like Dave is amazing! – Zeb Welborn

Helping others achieve business success with my help. – Mary Green

I love, love, love trying to figure out solutions to client’s issues. Can’t figure out why your community has stopped paying attention to you? I can fix that. Don’t know why you’re not generating revenue? I can fix that. Have a broken email marketing system? I can fix that.

I really should have gone into some sort of computer programming. I love working through challenges that allow you to use technology to improve. – Gini Dietrich

I like connecting with different people and encouraging them to pave their own way/follow their dreams. The world of work is changing and it’s an exciting time to be a webpreneur. You can literally define your own career and with hard work, ingenuity and persistence it can pay off big time! – Gina Horkey

The people I am afforded to surround myself with. Team members especially, but also the clients. It brings me more joy than I can explain to see my team members prosper and enjoy life. – Adam Steele

Usually helping business grow rapidly is a great feeling, we have had several clients businesses get acquired or receive investment rounds on the back of digital growth we have assisted with.

It is also good to give back where possible we run a monthly digital event in Sydney where we donate 100% of the entry costs to a new charity each month. – James Norquay

Most of my work is commercial, making companies who already have a lot of money, more money. That makes the world go around but it’s hard to get too excited about. I do quite a bit of work for charities where it’s easier to see the human value in what you’re doing. I also love working with startups, helping them take an idea to market and making it a success. – John McElborough

Having a career that hits on things I love to do:

  • Writing
  • Design
  • Speaking
  • Analytics
  • Marketing
  • Sales

I consider myself lucky to have found a career where so many of the things I have been passionate about can be combined into one. I left high school wanting to be an actor or the President. This is a good balance between the two.  – Mike Ramsey

I’m reading too much about internet marketing, social media, inbound marketing, etc. Something new happens almost every day in our niche and, if you are not in trend – your business can’t succeed. – Evgeniy Garkaviy

I get to learn ton of new stuff – every day! There’s nothing more fun and rewarding than it.

Other perks worth mentioning:

  • Genuinely help people’s businesses grow.
  • I get to meet a lot of really smart people (clients and industry friends).
  • It’s also nice to help (or inspire in some way) other people who are just starting in the digital marketing space.
  • Being able to showcase our country’s enormous potential and competitiveness in this industry. – Jason Acidre

The freedom that it provides. Let’s face it; having a lot of money is great but what we all really want is what being financially independent allows you to have and that is absolute freedom. Being able to work when you want, where you want, on what you want, all on your own terms.

Since I work for myself I can’t get laid off and if I fail it’s all on my shoulders. I have no boss, no commute, and decide for myself which direction my business is heading in. Perfect for a control freak like me. – Bill Burniece

I put a lot of effort into writing things which are useful and informative, but the most rewarding aspect is to do all that and make it entertaining. If I can make myself laugh, I am pretty sure I can make at least one other person laugh. – Matthew Yeoman

I love what I do. I love helping clients boost their business with content, I love meeting people online and I love that I get to stay at home with my children. – Corinne Kerston

I love it when a client calls and tells me how great the Globe Runner team has been to work with and how impactful our work has been on their business. – Eric McGehearty

The measurability and impact I can have on a business’ top and bottom line has always been most compelling to me. Seeing my clients rank in the top 3 for a desirable search term that generates qualified traffic over time is always rewarding. – Kent Lewis

I love the fact that it is a constantly evolving industry that builds upon the knowledge that one has previously learned. If your knowledge or mastery of the craft is poor, then the foundation will be weak and your SEO, not that great. SEO challenges me daily and reinvigorates me. – Jey Pandian

What I find most rewarding is also one of the greatest challenges for an SEO, the fact that it’s constantly changing. I really enjoy the persistent challenge and finding progressive ways to create long lasting value in the continuously changing search engines. – Frank Scharnell

The wins! Helping a client make money and build their brand. Having a key role in that has always been my motivation. I love challenges. – Bill Sebald

It’s nice to build something that (kinda) lasts. PPC is great and has its place alongside native content, distribution platforms etc… but the second you turn off those you stop benefiting from them. In the same way a lot of agencies place extremely high value recurring income, to keep the business cash-flow moving, I value investing in marketing that has repeat value. – Danny Cave

What I find rewarding is the trust clients and colleagues give me. I realized that opportunities will just follow if you’ve been genuinely helpful to people. – Rey Baguio

Seeing others succeed and watching others wonder what I do and why I’m there. I am NOT a self promoting publicist or marketer. Matter of fact, it’s gratifying with our clients come via a third party recommendation or referral. If clients have to let us go, they miss us afterwards. – Christi Tasker

Now, as a financial planner, the most rewarding about what I do is when people come back to me after several months and telling me how they were able to turn their life around because of the money management lessons I gave them. – Fitz Gerard Villafuerte

Being able to work for myself and make my own hours. It’s not easy and it can be extremely stressful at times, but I’m responsible for all of my successes and failures. – Zac Johnson

It’s hearing stories from people who’ve implemented what I’ve recommended and got great results. Especially from small businesses and individuals who’ve been able to win versus bigger competitors. – Ian Brodie

Being able to spend time with my girlfriend, family and friends when it’s necessary. My girlfriend is working in shifts, so it’s great that I can adjust my working schedule to fit her working schedule. I can’t imagine being out of home for 8-9 hours every day anymore. – Jan Koch

When you run a business, you impact lives. Sometimes it’s in small ways, sometimes it’s in big ways, but either way you are making a difference. The realization that you’re having a very real impact on people is incredibly rewarding. – James McAllister

The fact that I get to do what I like, that I can be creative and I can make a change in people’s lives. – Dragos Roua

Wow, that’s a great question. For the most part it’s being able to design my lifestyle around my work. Being my own boss, working my own hours, structuring family life and things that I enjoy doing, around my work is the biggest reward that I get.

I wake up in the mornings, take my kids to school and begin working on my client’s projects, or writing my next blog post, and it really doesn’t feel like work at all, because I love what I do so much. – Fabrizio Van Marciano

Seeing our clients succeed in their businesses through our help is the most rewarding aspect of what we do. – Devlin Duldulao

When you reach your client’s business goals. – Valerie Joy Deveza

Currently apart from being a blogger, freelancer and digital marketer; the main focus is on Vlogging and we focus a lot on our video content. The most rewarding about these things is that I get to create a lot.

I have an artistic urge since beginning and wherever I get to express myself I use that medium, whether it’s writing, video creation and for a while I was even doing logo designing for a lot of time!

The creative process and the joy of seeing the final product live is almost the same level of excitement as giving birth! (and yeah it’s as painful as that but the moments after that are amazing!) – Aditya Nath Jha

It’s being able to help others. Whether it’s helping someone sell a used ride so they can replace it with something newer or just different or helping a family sell a business so they can retire, or inspiring people to take action in their lives, or showing people how to use guest posts and radio interviews to promote their businesses; it’s all about helping others. – Maxwell Ivey

Everyone can do it, there is no barrier to entry and it is a form of communication that anyone can use to communicate their message and make the world a better place. – Stuart McIlreavy

Outranking competitors for super competitive keyword phrases. Nothing beats that. – Felix Tarcomnicu

I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from solving a really hard ranking puzzle. –  Joy Hawkins

I like that I can help people get started on their online content publishing journey.  It’s very empowering to be able to start a website and spread the word about whatever it is that is on your mind. It can lead to many great things and be something that improves your life dramatically. I like that I can be a small part of that starting process for some people. – Marko Saric

A couple of businesses I’ve helped were in dire straits when I first started working with them. One of them in particular had to borrow money off family and friends to keep afloat. A few months later, we got good results from SEO and he’s now not only debt-free, but growing the business and hiring staff. I don’t want to sound soppy, but that gives me a really warm feeling – knowing that I’ve truly made a difference to his business. – Steve Morgan

It sounds clichéd, but the most rewarding thing about SEO to me is overcoming the challenge! It’s incredibly satisfying when we surpass a client’s aims for organic search performance, but even more so when we surpass our own expectations!

I head up a team that has been able to significantly change the approach of Marketing teams at globally recognised organisations as a result of instances like this and the work we do – that’s a very rewarding feeling! – Andrew Steel

Delivering results truly is the reason why I do what I do. Too many consultants and/or agencies focus on closing the deals. I consider client payments to be in escrow until I deliver a report that shows that their investment in my service has yielded a positive return.

If not, then I didn’t do my job, or we need to reassess the strategy. But when the report is positive, and you receive a positive testimonial because of it, it’s one of the best feelings in the world. – Logan Lenz

In my nine years of experience, the most rewarding part about being an SEO is when you realize that you are helping people. That you are helping people reach their dreams in life. That you see them, that they can put food on their table. Truly, I tell you, God gave us the skills and ability not just to help yourself and your family so that you can live your life the way you want it to be, or live your life according to the needs of the world.

God gave us the wisdom and knowledge to help one another. Always keep that in mind.

I truly believe SEOs are born to be a good Samaritan and not just some techie guy who knows how to rank websites read and analyze regression reports, provide cost-effective marketing efforts, etc.

I really think it’s time for us to see it that way. Love your job, love your clients, and love your neighbor. Since we are good Samaritans, I believe we shouldn’t be paying for taxes anymore. Ha-ha-ha! – Gary Andrew Lacanilao

As I’m more focused on the strategic part of SEO I get to hang out with a lot of clients which is really nice.  No company is the other alike, so I face new interesting challenges every day. To see a client’s site climb in the SERPs and reaching their objectives is also of course very rewarding. – Max Tandefelt

I find it most rewarding when we turn a skeptical and wary client into a believer of paid search as a channel for growth. – Pashmina Lalchandani

The most rewarding thing is to find a set of keywords and phrases that my competitors haven’t thought about, and see how they are making money for my employer or customer. – Lars Bachmann

I love two things most about SEO:

1) the challenge. It’s always changing and I love that what worked yesterday may fall completely on its face today. We have to constantly innovate or we’re done in this industry. It’s hard to catch back up to where the bleeding edge is leading and

2) I love the wins.

When you see a client on page 1 for a massive keyphrase and it changes their business, you feel amazing. We ranked one client for a single word keyphrase “swimwear” and it literally changed their business.

They EXPLODED with traffic and have since grown dramatically. Nothing beats that feeling that you made someone’s life a LOT better. – Matt Antonino

I love to teach, but I also love to help businesses grow and thrive. Since SEO plays a huge role in website traffic, demand gen, and lead gen, we know with a great deal of accuracy whether or not we are driving results.

I also love to learn, and SEO clearly provides that opportunity. It is one of the industries where your ongoing viability is fully dependent on your dedication to continuous self-education. I thrive in that environment. – Tommy Landry

I find it very rewarding when you spend time developing long-form content – a ‘linkable asset’ – and it attracts natural links. It reminds me that it’s still worth investing in great content, be that an infographic, podcast, e-book or even a parallax. I recently commissioned an interactive gaming law map that’s got some decent traction. – Samuel Miranda

The competition. It’s a big game when you look at it right. – Dan Crean

Working with new businesses is always incredibly rewarding. We worked with a lawyer who had just split with his existing firm and established a new practice. We built his website and designed his entire digital marketing strategy. In a few months we had him ranking on the front page for various highly competitive keywords. It felt amazing to see the enquiries coming in and someone’s venture actually take off. Considering that 20 percent of new businesses don’t even get past their first year, we’re pretty proud of where he is now. – David Vallance

Delivering results for clients. We’ve been fortunate to work with some really wonderful people over the years, and knowing that the work we’ve done has helped them be successful is truly a satisfying reward. By being selective in the clients we’ve chosen to work with, it allows us to work with companies we believe in.

When we believe in a company, when we know the great people working there and when we establish close working relationships, you no longer see them as simply a client.  You see them as a partner and somebody you want to do a damn good job for. – Chris Lister

It’s rewarding when a client comes to us feeling lost and confused, and we’re able to demystify the world of SEO for them. I love consultations where we can make ourselves obsolete by teaching the client to do what they need for themselves. I also enjoy testing and iterating: Good SEO is a process that requires constant evaluation and adjustment to point resources in directions that are getting results. – Gradiva Couzin

Generating value to clients – whether this is in-house training on Google Analytics or doubling revenue.  Helping the clients achieve their results and seeing conversions come in always gets me buzzing.

As the team manager, working with the new generation of SEOs is also rewarding and seeing the team try new things and use their initiative is great. – Colin Cheng

That so few people are doing it right, so when you can piece it together right from technical SEO through to content strategies, creation and marketing, it is a very rewarding feeling. – Aaron Agius

It’s always evolving and has truly become a discipline in which you need to be a jack of all trades. It’s a challenge to keep up-to-date with everything but that’s what makes it such a rewarding area of digital marketing. I would also go as far to say that the close-knit global SEO community is unique among other forms of digital marketing. – Daniel Morgan

I would say that the most rewarding thing about SEO is to surprise a client with good results, and specially results that the client wouldn’t be looking for. Solving problems have been always the most rewarding thing you could do for a client. – Nuno Hipólito

That’s a good question, I’d say, delivering what we promised and helping our clients become successful is the most important to me. – Bernadette Coleman

Seeing my clients’ traffic and sales increase, and knowing I delivered real business value through my recommendations. – Michael Cottam

When businesses, especially the small and medium sized business achieve a global presence via search, it is very rewarding. – Bharati Ahuja

As an SEO at heart, I find it so rewarding to beat out a big competitor for a high value and trafficked term. What I find most rewarding about SEO overall, though, is that SEO touches so many parts of the business and can drive so much value for a lot of teams that helps them do their jobs better and more easily. SEO impacts email, paid search, content, conversion, and so much more, and that’s fun. John Doherty

There are actually a number of things which are rewarding. Seeing customers making a success of their online strategy is hugely rewarding but I also still get satisfaction in seeing customer’s websites raking #1. Most rewarding of all though is probably helping a customer recover their website and go from a disastrous situation to one where they are successful again. – Jonathan Guy

Most people in the industry are pretty competitive people and I think that’s what drives them, myself included. It’s always rewarding to see a strategy you’ve worked diligently on, pan out to where your surpassing your competitors. – Peter Attia

Generating leads for clients. I love hearing “I sold X amount last month thanks to ranking in Google”. – Carla Dawson

Watching traffic grow month after month, and eventually, year over year. I love looking at a client’s analytics account and seeing growth over the period of time I’m working with them. – Alex Ramadan

Seeing a brand that may have been burnt by previous SEO techniques growing again.

It’s a great feeling to change perceptions and mindsets around ‘SEO’ to be much more about digital audience and wider marketing. – Simon Penson

My first real job at a digital agency (in 2004) was in web design. Back then we didn’t have the testing tools we do now, so all our design decisions were made by what our boss liked.

I hated that. I had the chance to start working on paid search ads, and I loved how accountable it was- success was measured by whether the ad got results, not my boss’s opinion.

I have always loved working in PPC because it demands I stay both creative and analytical, and I get instant feedback to test assumptions and course correct. – Amy Hebdon

I love building a system where all the pieces (internal link structure, keyword maps, content, social media promotion, etc.) come together and work. I enjoy creating content that users love, promoting the content, and being rewarded with rankings. – Adam Thompson

The long term benefits of SEO outmatch those of nearly any other type of marketing. While there is an upfront investment to create high quality content and earn those rankings, that investment more than pays off in the long term as the pages you’ve ranked continue to rank and bring in traffic with minimal investment required to maintain those rankings. – Matthew Edgar

My clients help those that need assistance – people who are homeless, suffering from addiction, recovering from a disaster, and so on. For me to be able to help them fix even basic SEO problems and see increases in traffic and then revenue as a result is highly rewarding because I know they are able to do a service for their communities thanks to the financial donations my work helped them generate. – Eric Pratum

Results. I love figuring out what works and doing more of it. I enjoy how your strategy can combine strict KPIs and clear cut data – but trends, gut feelings, and information gathered at in-person events can set you ahead of the crowd when it comes to content strategy. I love being enthusiastic about a trend and owning that niche topic. – Tara Clapper

Being highly searchable of course! Most of my traffic comes from organic searches, so good SEO practice can yield significant benefits. – Nora Dunn

Once you’re ranked #1 for your target keyword(s) you get endless free traffic, leads, and sales. I freaking love that! – Marvin Russell

The fact that results are so easily measurable. Even with just an intermediate knowledge of Google Analytics, you can track just about anything from video clicks to how many people downloaded a presentation from a complementary flash drive. It’s a great feeling when you can directly see the results that your campaign has produced. –  Chris Long

Most rewarding: A client calling me to ask “What the hell we did, because they can’t handle all the work.” –  Bart van der Meer

Two things…

  • Knowing you’re genuinely making a difference to the bottom line of someone’s business.mSEO sometimes gets a bad reputation due to a handful of snake oil salesmen out there who are happy to take the money and run. I’ve never really understood why people judge SEO as a whole based on the shady characters. Cowboy builders exist too, yet you don’t see people advising others not to invest in fixing their house if it’s falling down.
  • Constantly learning and evolving. Digital as a whole is a constantly evolving industry, which not only keeps things interesting, but means my skill set and knowledge is ever expanding.

No single person knows everything there is to know in this industry, and much like scientific research, one new theory or case study can completely change the way we have to think. – Dan Callis

It used to be rankings, but they’re borderline meaningless these days. What’s most rewarding is when you go to a client and they say “we’ve just bought the building next door” or “we can’t cope with the orders” or “we’ve just hired two more people”. If we’ve challenged a client’s entire business, you’ve done your job. – Gareth Cartman