There are a lot of strategies and tools in the marketing industry. The good thing about it? You have choices. However, with the available tools on hand, choosing the right one for you can be quite overwhelming given the choices.

With that, you sometimes narrow down your list of techniques and tools – depending on the situation of course.  If you are an online marketer, most likely you have your own go to strategies, techniques, and tools.

Because it’s always interesting to know what other marketers use, we have asked them about their favorites, here they are: 

Marketing techniques that really interest me include “Hosting Free Webinar’s” and “Running Contests” on your website. This will increase the audience reach and involve them which definitely increase sales and profits. – Umair Akram

Right now I’m very interested by Flipboard. It’s an online magazine curation service and I think has significant marketing potential. It allows you to share blog posts and other content in a very easy-to-use and presentable way. – Paul Johnson

We’re in the dawn of a new era of computing—The Cognitive Era. This new age will change the way we make decisions as consumers and technology will play a key role in helping humans make quicker decisions, at that. With this, we will usher in a new way to create, manage, and deliver content.

Cognitive computing and automation involves self-learning via data mining, recognizing patterns, and language that mankind uses to imitate the way our brans work. Essentially, it simulates human thought processes in a computerized manner.

Adept at calculations and number crunching, machines will now take on the final frontier – cognitive systems. Understanding our natural ways of communicating and speaking, computers will be able to recognize unique objects nested in images, too. Search engines will transform to voice-enabled queries. We will sit in our cars and speak our requests to a multitude of different tech systems and products.

Companies will need to be more agile than ever to leverage their existing systems into a salient plan for digital transformation. Governance will play a large role in building upon a stable foundation. Master data management is crucial as well.

Of course, a savvy marketer will contribute best to this era of innovation. A growth hacker who is by definition digitally successful (not simply savvy) –combines creativity, big data, and techie skillsets. Traditional marketing is brand awareness centric, but Best Digital Marketers is centered on creating a massive cultural wave of experimentation, which garners actual results via metrics.

I’m obsessed with this newfound shift in focus from trying to innovate and “do it all” to focusing on moving the needle in one specific area which will yield a significant impact. Brands like Apple need to focus on what they do best versus doing it all, for example.

A call to arms for management by objective, the old Andy Grove philosophy – really works. I’ve been a director at a startup that refused to implement this vital strategy. I tried to spearhead the initiative and provided educational and informational sessions, but the millennial CEO who lacked prior experience, preferred a haphazard waterfall structure that eventually led to widespread layoffs. – Suzanne Baran

Although we have been doing it for a little while, our scholarship campaigns are very unique and effective link acquisition strategies for our clients.  We’ve seen some of the most profound impacts on rankings as a result of these campaigns.  It’s really neat too because they aren’t just one-sided campaigns for SEO.  They actually help market our client’s firms in other ways and help portray them in a positive light in their industry. – Chris Dreyer

What’s fascinating about SEO is how it is always evolving and changing. We’re in a whole new world of what SEO is and what it means, compared to just a few years ago.

Primarily, SEO is about knocking out foundational needs like technology challenges, and being a good marketer—figuring out who you’re reaching, what their needs are, and how to meet their needs with great content and a great experience online.

That’s the foundation of SEO: providing the great content that is the right content for a specific audience—not just keyword content, but topical, authoritative, detailed content. I’m excited to see SEO evolve to this point. – Nate Dame

We’re betting big on bots. Not necessarily as a marketing tool, but more as a platform for delivering our bite-sized courses. Really looking forward to see what the bot movement might mean for us and the rest of the world. – Niklas Laninge

I am really digging the marketing that many people are doing right now through live streaming tools such as Periscope. I think the ability to market and to connect with your audience is better than ever with a tool like that and that’s the thing that has interested me the most as of late. – Jeet Banerjee

The most exciting tactic for me these days is paid social, and how this can help drive content marketing campaigns. In particular, you can use paid social campaigns to focus only on the media people and influencers you want to reach. These types of campaigns can be relatively inexpensive, but have a very powerful impact. – Eric Enge

I’ve developed the concept of popularization and am really keen on using it. The whole optimization for people idea is really groundbreaking despite what Google optimizers and marketers have been telling us all along.

It’s like growth hacking, but without tricking people by technical means to sign up or something.

It’s a whole new approach where Google, Facebook and other gatekeepers have to basically promote you in the end instead of you working for them by giving them content and selling them your friends.

I’ve got a prominent social network that wants to use some of my most creative techniques to expand its user base without stupid ads etc. – Tadeusz Szewczyk 

We recently created an online marketing system that is a game-changer, specifically for the golf industry. The system incorporates email, blog writing, social media, Google AdWords, remarketing, and Facebook Ads to create a virtual web to help steer potential and current customer towards a desired goal. – Zeb Welborn

Content promotion. It isn’t the newest thing on the block, but you have to constantly adapt. – Mary Green

It’s not recently-developed, but I am obsessed with internet marketing, finding ways to earn online, and building a business that is scalable without relying on people’s time (which is not scalable).

That’s why some of the people I mentioned earlier are top-of-mind for me right now. I love the psychology of online sales and why people buy. It’s fascinating to me and it’s completely different than what I’ve been trained to do throughout my career. I love it! – Gini Dietrich

I think using content upgrades for email list building is genius and really effective. Basically you’re creating an additional piece of content specific to that blog post and asking people to opt in to your list in exchange for the free download. If they’re digging what they’re reading and you’re offering something good, it’s a no-brainer! – Gina Horkey

I am really interested in personal branding and video marketing. Basically where those two intersect. We’ve created The Steele Entrepreneur Show to try our hand at this. It’s a slow grind, but we’re having a lot of fun learning. – Adam Steele

Facebook Ads, Snapchat, Linkedin Ads are areas of paid media we are interested in at the moment. Tools we love using at the moment – Ahrefs, Link Research Tools, Majestic ect. – James Norquay

I actually just wrote about the tools I use here Right now I’m most excited (if thats the right word!) about ahrefs ( The software those guys have developed in a short space of time is really impressive and I’ve replaced a bunch of other tools I used to use with it.

What I’m finding works really well at the moment is identifying new or viral content that’s already popular using their content explorer tool, creating something similar, ideally better, then promoting that content to the people who shared the original article with twitter ads. Do that in weekly cycles and you can pick up some serious traffic but you have to be organised and ready to publish quickly. – John McElborough

Facebook Ads for Local search. I think the demographic targeting combined with location targeting is one of the most intriguing platforms there is. So much can be done. – Mike Ramsey

I like to participate in different expert roundups. I have created a few very successful rounds on website (For example this about Twitter promotion). This is a very useful technique to get quality backlinks.

People get in touch with me and ask for my opinion. I can share my thoughts on the most trusted websites and receive good links to my business. Also, the skyscraper technique by Brian Dean looks very interesting to me. But I do not always find a time to promote my posts as he recommends. – Evgeniy Garkaviy

I’ve been testing a few new approaches to link building with one of our clients – some of them, I’ve already mentioned on my most recent blog post – since we’ve focused more on our link building services for the past 2 years. But at the moment, I’m mainly interested and been testing a bit more on rich snippet optimization (optimizing for Rank #0). – Jason Acidre

The evolution of chatbots. I believe they’ll be the next big thing in internet marketing since they’re perfectly fitted for interactive automation platforms. – Bill Burniece

I am amused and interested with video live streaming these days. – Rey Baguio

Uber. I am into companies that provide a useful user experience and truly act as if they care about it. All of this goes without listing my “Uber needs to improve list”. Matter of fact, I think I may contact them for a consulting role. My recommendations would start with their poor conception of “existing customers”.

It took Bellsouth, later Cingular, and now AT&T long enough to figure out treating old clients better than new….why can’t everyone else take note from those old coots? I’m sure they’re aware of the part, but there’s so much room to improve yet I am the girl who has considered completely going without a vehicle.

Dottie, my polka dotted hummer remains parked most of the time because I do love Uber so much. It’s nice to be able to arrive at an event in any car I want for $30 or less. – Christi Tasker

I am extremely interested in Artificial Intelligence. It looks like it is going to be as disruptive to mankind as harnessing electricity was. You can see a free webinar I gave about this here:  (LINK NOT INCLUDED IN THE MASTER FILE) – Danny Dover

I’ve been doing experiments on Snapchat lately. – Fitz Gerard Villafuerte

I’m still a fan of guest blogging. It’s a great way to get my name, brand and message out to new audiences that might not know about me yet. – Zac Johnson

I’m mainly interested in old strategies that still work really, really well. So my main focus is on email marketing, blogging and Facebook advertising. My audience is not quite into snapchat yet!

Of the relatively “new stuff”, I do experiment a bit to see what works – but I make sure it doesn’t divert too much time from what’s getting me the best results right now. Believe it or not, Instagram is working reasonably well to get me new subscribers – but it’s not mainstream with my audience yet. And I like to use video as much as possible too. – Ian Brodie

I’m currently diving into something almost completely unrelated to web development and WordPress, which is data analysis using the programming language R. – Jan Koch

I was recently introduced the idea of achieving omnipresence in your field by Grant Cardone’s book, ‘The 10x Rule.’ The idea of this is being everywhere at once, and making your brand synonymous with what it is you represent.

McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Nike – these are all brands that have achieved omnipresence in their area, and almost everybody knows what they sell. I have tried to apply this for my own brand in recent months – commenting on as many new articles as I can, being active in marketing forums, posting on my social media profiles 5x as much as I’ve done previously.

The results have been incredible. I have been featured on more websites in the last month than I was in the last 6 combined. – James McAllister

Recently I started to become involved with video content and I find it fascinating. I’m creating an online course containing 100 video lessons and I find this quite difficult. But it’s also very rewarding. – Dragos Roua

I’m always learning about new marketing strategies, and trying to make them fit into my business plans somehow. But here’s the thing, the problem I see a lot of entrepreneurs, bloggers, freelancers doing is that they try and make every single, latest or recently developed strategy work for them, and that’s absolutely ludicrous in my opinion.

Right now, video and live-video streaming is picking up a lot of momentum. YouTube, Periscope, Google Hangouts On Air, and eventually Facebook Live Stream, are just a few of the tools that really interest me the most right now. I have Periscope all set up, it’s just a case of finding some great content or topic to discuss using those tools.

There’s no doubt about it, that at some point mobile is going to dominate over desktop, which is why tools like Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook Live or Zapstream I think will really open doors to greater opportunities in 2016 and beyond. – Fabrizio Van Marciano

Mobile app promotion is what I’m now focusing due to its increasing demand and importance. – Devlin Duldulao

A lot actually. Influencer marketing is nothing new but if you develop deep relationships with industry experts then you receive the added halo effect of their networks and influence in your work too. Getting your work noticed and shared by the right people counts a lot in today’s fast paced age where everybody is competing for limited attention spans of people.

In terms of SEO, using Private Blog networks and parasite website development is something that has caught up my interest and I try to read more and learn more about these things these days! – Aditya Nath Jha

I’m impressed by all the live streaming options. In addition to google hangouts on air and the various online meeting systems we now have Blab and Periscope.

I have participated in Blab and find it so much more interactive than most other formats. I’m also excited by the explosion in online radio shows such as those hosted on BlogTalk, iheart, and other networks. These all give people the opportunity to reach large audiences in real time and have a conversation with people who may be able to help them grow their businesses.

I myself am going to be co-hosting a radio call in a show on BlogTalk. It will be once a month on the first Monday and it’s called Get It Moving Mondays. It may grow to a weekly deal, but my plan is to keep it to once a month as my plate is already pretty full. – Maxwell Ivey

Check out, an awesome promotion and outreach tool developed by Best Digital Marketers expert Sujan Patel. It will save you more hours than you imagine! – Peter Banerjea

It’s important to understand that some marketing strategies might work well for some industries, while not as good for others. However, there’s one technique that seems to be working fine for most niches. That’s creating awesome content and give actionable and useful tips to the reader.

From my experience, these articles are naturally attacking social media shares, earn backlinks and ultimately, rank high in Google. I strongly believe that I am now working for the best SEO tool available on the market. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should, especially because it comes with a 30 day free trial. – Felix Tarcomnicu

Anything pertaining to Local SEO interests me. As far as tools, my current favorite platforms are Ahrefs & Bright Local. – Joy Hawkins

I don’t think that things change so quickly in marketing. Working in the field such as social media we all think things change rapidly. But it’s not always like that. Take a step back to get a better overview. Some very “ancient” practices and best learnings are still more important and more relevant than something new and shiny that will most probably not stand the test of time. – Marko Saric