When you do online marketing it is understood that you always have to keep up with the latest. Nothing is ever constant in this world, including the world of marketing. If you want to keep up with the competition, if you want to do well at work – you should keep yourself updated.

If you are armed with the newest marketing techniques you remain on top of things – you stay relevant. If you feel overwhelmed with staying updated, we could learn a thing or two from these online marketers. Below, they will share their secrets in staying up to date!

My personal advice is “If you want to stay updated from latest things, don’t stop “Reading”. I read blogs of industry giants and believe me, it helps me a lot. – Umair Akram

I constantly read online, follow various Facebook groups and have occasional conference calls with other like-minded people. I also attend some industry events. – Paul Johnson

Liaising with co-speakers at conferences, and being on panels has dramatically contributed to my cutting-edge knowledge of trends. I’m pumped to be speaking at Information Development World in the Silicon Valley in May. Some of the best thinkers and forerunners of digital marketing will be present. I’m a fan of content curation sites and apps. I also scan LinkedIn headlines, Wired, CMI, Hubspot, Smashing Magazine’s newsletter, Business Insider, Engadget, Design Milk, and psych publications and blogs daily. – Suzanne Baran

We are constantly plugged in to industry news sources and reading publications of others in our industry.  These could be news-based site (i.e. searchengineland.com,searchenginejournal.com, etc) or they could even be information from competitors or from Google.

We are also constantly collecting and observing data from our own customers.  We do routine reporting and we are constantly measuring and refining our techniques, looking for new tools and re-thinking our services to be the best at what we do. – Chris Dreyer

In the world of SEO, Search Engine Land’s SearchCap daily email is helpful. They don’t come out with something earth-shattering every day, but it does put every update, announcement, etc. is in your inbox every day. That’s helpful for people who aren’t in SEO full-time. It’s a great way to make sure you see the important things and stay on top of the industry.

Second is Moz’s Top 10 email, which I think is monthly. That’s a great resource for some of the best content from the month, and highlights the topics that might really be worth spending some time reading. – Nate Dame

Not much to be honest. I try to keep an open mind, talk to a lot of people and listen to a lot of podcasts. I use Economist Espresso to stay up on the latest news and enjoy Marketplace on a daily basis, Kai Risdahl is my favorite host (all categories) of all times. – Niklas Laninge

Read, listen to and watch everything you can from the best in the industry. People say that they don’t have time to learn, but access to learning is the easiest thing in the world. If you don’t have time to learn then you’ll have plenty of time to look for a new job because you won’t stay employable in an industry that’s changing as fast as marketing is today. – Carla Johnson

Just always keep your eyes and ears open. New trends are coming out every day and as long as you are open minded and willing to listen what the ‘big’ new thing is, you’ll be aware of it. Another very helpful thing is to follow and be linked up with some of the top marketers in the world. They’re always sharing their own insight and techniques to the world and you can stay up to date by just following them on social media. – Jeet Banerjee

I find a way to spend time on research in new tactics every day. Some days it may only be a few minutes. Other times, I may be able to get 2 to 3 hours to really dig into something. But, the most important thing is to make sure you remain committed to finding the time on a regular basis. Then dig in and learn what you can on a regular basis! – Eric Enge

I follow industry leaders to stay up-to-date with current marketing trends. I also experiment frequently to come up with my own tactics and techniques based off of the information I’ve learned. – Zeb Welborn

Read a lot! Pocket App, Blinkist, Twitter, Medium, Inbound.org and emails. – Mary Green

I read. A ton. I subscribe to blogs and newsletters and to SmartBrief. I also read every article we post on the Spin Sucks Twitter feed (which is run by my team, not me). I read at least four books a month. Almost everything I read leads to some sort of idea for business. – Gini Dietrich

I try to follow people whose opinions I respect. I also get to learn from my VA clients who are always trying new things. Lastly, I attend conferences on an annual basis to learn what’s working for others or new on the horizon. – Gina Horkey

I try to stay in the game, and be a real practitioner. I can’t be a committed to this these days, so I rely on my team members to stay up to date, and I learn from them. In the past, blogs and podcasts. – Adam Steele

Read blogs like Moz, Search Engine Land, Inbound.org, GrowthHackers.com and also network heavily via Linkedin and private Facebook groups to stay up to date with exclusive content. – James Norquay

I try not to jump on too many bandwagons. I’ve got a set of go-to tactics that I’ve been using for years which I can make work for most businesses. Aside from that I stay curious about what other forward thinking companies are up to and try to reverse engineer what they’re up to.

Obviously it pays to read as much as you can but don’t fall into the trap of thinking thats a substitute for trying stuff for yourself or looking at what other companies are doing out there in the real world. Marketing blogs in particular are great at talking about theories but often they’re rehashed ideas that the blogger has read somewhere else and they’ve never used themselves. There’s no substitute for experience.

For me personally I’ve always had little side projects running that don’t take up too much of my time but which I can use to experiment with new ideas and techniques to see if they work. Its important to have a playground for this kind of testing. – John McElborough

I have spent a long time developing a list of people I follow on my twitter account that share great content. This allows me to keep my pulse across various online marketing subjects. Of course, there are always a few blogs that are must reads:




Mike Ramsey

My answer is the same as the response to a similar question previously: I spend a lot of time reading about my profession. – Evgeniy Garkaviy

I read at least 3 articles a day (mostly content I find from people I follow on Twitter). I also make sure that I have something new to test each month. – Jason Acidre

I’m involved in several private mastermind groups where we brainstorm and solve problems. Other than that I follow some of my favorite internet marketers on social media. – Bill Burniece

I am so absolutely immersed in the online marketing world that I can’t help but stumble across them. It’s like asking me how I manage to take a breath each moment, it just keeps on happening …or I’m dead! To be slightly less cheeky, I follow the major blogs when I can: Moz, Social Media Examiner, and AdWeek (who have published me a few times) are all favorites. – Matthew Yeoman

I read. A lot. I read blogs and books on marketing and business. I have a list of blogs I like to visit each week, and I make it a point to spend part of my day catching up on the latest blog posts. – Corinne Kerston

I engage with people I look up to in the industry. Read and listen to relevant content by others. Attend events and network within the community. – Rey Baguio

Read the social site blogs. Pay attention to the younger generations. Watch how they communicate, shop, and utilize their phones. Ask them about the coolest things they’ve seen lately and how they found it. – Christi Tasker

The best and only way to stay up to date on marketing techniques is to do them everyday. I do this through my client work as well as through my personal projects. – Danny Dover

Read. I am subscribed to a lot of blogs. – Fitz Gerard Villafuerte

Always advance with the industry. Nothing stays the same and you need to know where and how your audience is finding you. In the past, the internet was all HTML and a one-sided conversation. Then MySpace, Facebook and social media blew up and now mobile is the big thing. Stay ahead, or you will fall behind the competition. – Zac Johnson

First and foremost, I’m really interested in marketing, so I subscribe to lots of email newsletters and blog and am a member of a number of Facebook groups where new stuff gets shared. Once I hear of something, I’ll think about whether it could be a good fit for my market (rather than just “cool”) and if so, I’ll schedule a bit of time to test it out. – Ian Brodie

I focus on what’s working for me and talk to entrepreneurial friends about what they’re doing in their marketing strategies. I only switch strategies when I absolutely have to, being a coder I like to “never touch a running system”. – Jan Koch

My marketing education has never really stopped. I’m constantly buying training courses and books because I know if there’s even one tiny thing I can pull from them, my time and money spent was well worth it.

I also have a huge list of blogs I visit regularly that have exposed me to a lot of new ideas and also keep me up to date with changes in my industry, and with marketing at a macro level. – James McAllister

Like I said, I spend at least 2 hours a day trying to remain connected with all the new stuff (being it in technology or in other areas, like marketing) – Dragos Roua

There’s a few great websites and blogs that I’m subscribed to, so that I can stay up to date with latest online marketing trends. Entrepreneur.com and Forbes are a few of those. – Fabrizio Van Marciano

I’m using Facebook to keep me up to date on this fast-changing internet marketing. How? I’ve liked some fan pages of respected blog sites that are related to SEO, Adwords, conversion rate optimization, social media marketing, web designing, content marketing. I also joined several groups of SEO, web design, and copywriter to know assorted learning experiences within those communities. – Devlin Duldulao

The best way to do this is to connect with the right people. Having the right people in your networks increases your chances of finding new useful information. Apart from this the best way is to constantly practice, sitting idle on what you already know will never work.

Risks are something that you need to take and every once in a while take up a project that you know nothing about. Either you will do a lot of research and get it done or you will have a field day learning new stuff and most probably getting to know a lot of things in the process, though it won’t necessarily lead to completion of that project! – Aditya Nath Jha

I follow quite a few other bloggers. When there is some new trend or technology one or more of them is usually right there to do a post or a podcast episode about it. I also have friends who are just more tuned in than I am when it comes to new technology.

And being a blind computer user I often like to follow these new developments for a while before I try adopting them for myself. This is because quite often new website systems and new software applications are not initially accessible for people using a screen reader.

So, surround yourself with people who you know will let you know when there is something new that you just have to be a part of. – Maxwell Ivey

I am a member of Jon Morrow’s Serious Bloggers Only Mastermind Group as well as his Guest Blogging Program. Jon has a brilliant team – Glen Long, Marsha Stopa, Liz Longacre and Shane Arthur among others. They are some of the smartest people I know. I just follow their guidance. That’s all I need! – Peter Banerjea

I follow the most popular websites on social media and frequently read case studies from influencers. I also keep doing my own tests to see what’s working best and what gives results. – Felix Tarcomnicu

By following the blogs and forums a lot of the leaders in this industry on Feedly and on Twitter. I’m also a part of a couple communities on G+ that are great for people in the Local SEO space. Some that come to mind are the Local Search forum, the Local University forum, Search Engine Land and the Google My Business forum. – Joy Hawkins

I read a lot. I follow many people from many industries that I find interesting. It doesn’t necessarily have to be relevant to my field at all. I look at what they’re doing, how they’re doing it. I try to think what this means to me and how I can implement it myself. – Marko Saric