Earn Money Online! Tips From the Top Online Marketing Professionals

Earn Money Online! Tips From the Top Online Marketing Professionals

Yes, it’s true can actually earn money online. If you do not know where to start, this article will help you jumpstart your online career. These top online marketing professionals share their ideas on what you can do online to earn!

Tired with that desk job? Wanting a career change? Do you want to work from home? Whatever your reasons are, you can earn money online. Read on to know how you can do that now!

1. Umair Akram is a Digital Marketer and SEO Consultant with having more than 4 years of professional experience in the industry. He has worked with more than 30 companies and helped them increase their sales and profits. He is also the author of his blog “MyTechMag” and write about Blogging,Digital Marketing and SEO Tips.

​There are different ways to earn money online, even if you don't want to do freelancing. The best way that worked for me is to create and sell your own product and building a sales funnel that converts.

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2. Suzanne Baran is an industry-leading Content Strategy and Digital Marketing expert. During her 18-year career she has driven digital strategy for the world’s most beloved brands such as Yahoo!, AT&T, Intel, Toyota, Cisco, Scottrade, DirecTV, FIJI Water, Sony, and other Fortune 500 and 100 companies. She helps brands become better, more efficient publishers.

Be willing to take risks and talk to everyone. Use meetups, LinkedIn, friends and family to connect you to mentors. Study your field and abandon any sense of entitlement you have about boosting your ego to land work. In LA vs. NY, it’s more whom you know sometimes and less what you know. Become a champion of a cause, product or service and submit proposals for blogging, writing, etc. to companies and brands that inspire you.

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3. Nate Dame has led SEO, content marketing, and influencer marketing campaigns for national and international brands. Now a regular speaker and columnist, Nate oversees client strategy and thought leadership for Propecta when he’s not too busy being husband and dad in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

​I think if you’re trying to create a business, you need to figure out what you’re good at and passionate about, and operate at the intersection of those two. And be unique in doing it: don’t do too many things. Chose the one or two things you’re really good at and passionate about. If there’s an opportunity to sell your time at that intersection, then do it.

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4. Niklas Laninge is a Psychologist, entrepreneur, learning and education enthusiast, he runs dailybitsof.com a startup making learning fun, frictionless, and bite sized.

​​Make and sell courses on Daily Bits Of. All jokes aside, I must admit it's hard making money online these days. If we're talking pocket money I find that services within the sharing economy helpful. I sort of moved in with my partner after just seeing each other for a few weeks, not just because I was really into her, but also because I was AirBnbing my apartment like crazy which allowed me to work on stuff that didn't bring in that much cash in the beginning.

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5. Jeet Banerjee is a 23 year old serial entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant, TEDx speaker and best selling author. Jeet began his journey at the age of 17 when he launched a multimedia agency before selling it two years later.

​The online world has a plethora of ways to earn money. There are people everywhere make 6 figures+ on the internet and it just really comes down to what you know, how you can apply it and what you want to do. Just a few things people can do online to make money: Write e-books, drop-shipping, create blogs, create online websites selling something, affiliate programs, mobile apps, etc. Tons and tons of ways to make money online, just have to find out what is right for you.

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6. Eric Enge is the founder and CEO of Stone Temple Consulting. A prominent SEO and digital marketing industry thought leader, he has been an entrepreneur for most of his 30+ year career.

​Freelancing is fine, but you have to have the right mindset. You have to work on bringing in new business all the time, even while you are in the middle of servicing clients. A lot of people aren't comfortable with that. One option is to consider working for a small agency in your field. Gain some experience with the consulting side of things first, before you try to go off and do it on your own.

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7. Zeb Welborn is the founder of Welborn Media and The Tutoring Solution, he is the host of The Defining Success Podcast, author of The Social Golf Course and creator of the Sharing Your Passion Essay Scholarship contest.

​My advice would be instead of calling yourself a freelancer, think big and start a business with the goal to grow continually.You can earn money online in a lot of different ways as long as you're willing to invest time, money, commitment, make a thousand mistakes and work astronomical hours.

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8.  Mary Green is a full stack marketer with 12 years of expertise in digital marketing. She specializes in inbound marketing but have experience across almost all avenues of online marketing

​They could work for companies as employees. There are a lot of companies hiring at remoteok.io and other remote work boards.

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9.  Adam Steele At 22, with no previous business experience, Adam left his day job to chase the dream of business ownership. He started out by peddling Gmail address’ by the bundle. Today, he leads a team of 30+, remote team members, runs 2 successful companies (is currently building 3, 4 & 5) and hosts The Steele Entrepreneur Show.

​Freelancing is a great way to have an education paid for. However, as quickly as possible, I would aim to get away from the exchange of time for money. Check out the 4-Hour Workweek and find a product you can sell in lieu of, or at the same time.

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10.  James Norquay founded Prosperity Media in 2012 after working in the SEO & Content Marketing space for over 10+ years in Australia and the US.

​Freelancing is a good way to earn money though you need to ensure that you are a quality freelancer, theirs 100s of ways to make money online it could be selling items on a eCommerce site, running affiliate ads, selling random things on Fiverr or doing translations of content. My advice is do something you like and you will make a good job out of it.

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11. Mike Ramsey is the founder of Nifty Marketing and Niftylaw. He also is a founding member of LocalUniversity and spends a lot of his time writing and speaking on digital marketing. He has a wonderful wife, 3 crazy kids, and does it all from Burley, Idaho

​​I actually don’t recommend, “earning online”. I think the best way to learn is to go to work at an agency or an online company in person.You just will get a much faster education than paying the price yourself trying to sift through all the bad advice out there and crappy “get rich quick” products that are on the market today.

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12.  Evgeniy Garkaviy is an SEO consultant, Adwords certified specialist and blogger. Online marketing strategist, he is also the co-owner of www.temi.co.uk, MarchesHour Directory, Marches Hour

​To be honest, I did not work as freelancer. I started immediately with my friend Temi Odurinde (founder of #MarchesHour) who gave me a lot of useful information.But I can see that many very talented people appear today and start their own website/blog.Then they promote it by writing very interesting case studies which help them get clients. For example, Robbie Richards or Brian Dean. They are very good.

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13. Jason Acidre is the Co-founder of Xight Interactive, and the author of Kaiserthesage.com 

​The more you enjoy doing the harder stuff (creating really great content, promoting them and learning how to make the site technically superior), the easier you can build a brand, strong following, traffic and revenue to it.

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14. Bill Burniece is a full-time internet marketer since 2006

​Email marketing is the key to the kingdom. Email marketing thru list building delivers a huge return on investment and is more cost effective than any other single form of marketing. When you set it up right, it allows you to literally make money on demand. Send out an email… get paid. It's really that simple.

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15.  Jan Koch helps entrepreneurs set up systems grow their business online by leveraging today's technical capabilities, and free them from technical obstacles, so that they can focus on their main business.

​Don’t jump into unknown water with both feet. I started my business on the side and slept 4-5 hours every night for 4 months.I worked in a job to have a stable income and at nights I grew my own business. And a second, yet as important, lesson I learned is to never get comfortable.I constantly try new things, be it learning a new programming language, giving speeches, or co-hosting webinars.

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16.  Fabrizio Van Marciano is a passionate website designer, graphic designer and professional blogger.

​OK, so I would consider myself to be a freelance web designer and graphic designer right now. But I think it’s important to have multiple income streams online, and that’s one of the many reasons why I got into blogging in the first place.

So my advice to anyone totally bent on just doing freelancing, you’ve got to have a backup plan for those days when you’re not going to have much freelancing work to do.I think it’s important to try and create some form of passive income online, especially if you have a website or blog.

I review a lot of the products, apps, tools and technologies that I use in my business today, and so this helps me to create passive income through my blog, videos and other forms of content marketing.This means when I’m having a quiet spell, with not so many clients, my business is still making me money in other ways.

I also believe that marketers should attempt to create their own products.I know this is much harder to do than promoting third party products and services. And yes, it takes time to figure out what kind of product you want to create that would best serve your audience.But it’s definitely something folks in marketing, freelancers and bloggers should consider doing to earn money online.

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17.  Devlin Duldulao co-founder of Outsource SEO Philippines Ltd. Co.

​Here are my advice to those who want to be freelancer marketers. Never stop learning new things, invest in short courses to fortify your abilities, and accept new jobs even at low rates just to hone your newly-developed skills.I know the things that I’ve mentioned are not easy to do. But I’m telling you, eventually, you’ll reap what you sow.

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18.  Aditya Nath Jha is a blogger, vlogger, wordpress speed optimization expert and music lover.

​Apart from freelancing the main goal should be on building your own brand. If you are a reputed freelancer on a third party site, all of your testimonials and work samples reside there.Try to get your own project website done, showcase every little or big thing that you have done and that's the way to go for freelancers.

If you aren't hell bent on becoming a freelancer then create your own stuff, it can be blogs, micro-niche blogs, YouTube channel, wordpress plugin, a product or even a service and try to funnel all your effort in one direction, towards making your brand more visible and more profitable by the end of the day.

Because if it ain't paying, then it's not worth doing! It's the 21st century here and time is of the essence. Immediate results and instant money won't come your way, but if you have been at something for a considerable time and still not generating profits then you need to rethink your course of action.

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19.  Maxwell Ivey is a 49-year-old blind gentleman who grew up in a family of carnival owners. All he ever wanted to do was to continue in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps and be part of the family business.

​There are so many different services people can offer online, so freelancing is really only limited by the imagination of the individual.In addition to things like writing and being a virtual assistant you could offer online courses, publish ebooks, release dvds or cds.

You can also sell banner ads, promote affiliate products, and hire yourself out as a coach in any field you are experienced in. More and more degrees and certifications aren't needed.
And in many cases, people online are far more interested in past life or work experience than in what formal education you have or don't have.

So, figure out what areas you are knowledgeable in and start looking around to see what the market is for your experience, talents, and skills.And here I encourage you to be generous when listing what you have to offer. I say that because most people are hesitant to say they are qualified in an area when they probably are.

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20.  Peter Banerjea is Co-Founder of SuccessIsWhat, a productivity coaching firm. He is a contributor to top blogs like the Huffington Post, Addicted2Success, Time Management Ninja and more.

​Why do you want to label yourself as a freelancer? Why not aspire to be called an expert? You can stand out from the crowd and command far higher consulting rates.The only way to achieve that is to develop your expertise and authority in one particular area. As David Allen says, “You can do anything, but you can't do everything”.

I would suggest that you stop trying to look for multiple ways to earn online and instead focus on building a scalable business.The ugly truth is that most freelancers are earning far less than what they would if they had a job. That's not because of a lack of talent. It’s because they lack focus.

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21.  Tadeusz Szewczyk has more than 15 years of experience in online publishing.

For 5+ years he’s been known internationally for writing here on SEO 2.0 and blogs of Datadial.net, Positionly, Ahrefs, Hubspot, Google Blogoscoped among others (from About).

I encourage you to connect with Tadeusz through Delicious, Twitter and Google Plus.

​Freelancing is not really a career. It's just a stepping stone. Unfortunately I realized that too late. You can't freelance forever.Why? You basically sell your time. Your time is limited though. Thus, you need to become an entrepreneur as soon as possible. You don't need to hire people or build a factory to do that.

On the Web you just need to change your mindset from selling your time to offering solutions.
A solution you provided in one hour may be worth 1000 hours for someone else, so exchanging time for money is pointless.

Thus, you need to create your own products and scalable services. You also need to earn money even when you're sick or spending time with your family.Ebooks, WordPress themes, apps – there are many things you can build once and sell for a long time.

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2​2.  Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro.

​So many ways! You can create online courses. You can build a team of like-minded people and charge them to hang out together. You can create events—online and off.If you look at what some of the internet marketers are doing (Scott Oldford, Danny Iny, Jeff Walker, Michael Hyatt, Brian Clark), you can learn all sorts of things about how to earn online. I’m reading Launch by Jeff Walker right now and it’s chock full of things you can sell online..

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2​3.  Gina Horkey is a married, millennial mama to two precocious toddlers from Minnesota. Additionally, she’s a professional writer and an online business marketing consultant with a decade of experience in the financial services industry.

Gina enjoys helping other freelancers gear up to quit their day jobs and take their side hustles full-time. If you’re interested in starting a freelance career, take Gina’s FREE writing course to kick-start yours today! Click here to get the first lesson sent to your inbox.

​​Well, the easiest way to get started is to sell a service. This would be like freelance writing, virtual assistance, web design, etc.You can also monetize your own blog/website through affiliate marketing (selling other people’s products/services), advertising (not something I’ve had experience with) and selling your own products like books, courses, etc.

I’ve had a lot of success with the latter and it’s a nice “passive” way to diversify one’s income. I say “passive,” because it’s still work – you have to be constantly marketing and putting yourself out there.

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2​4.  Matthew Yeoman currently writes social and online marketing articles for the Bytion family of websites, manages a successful online privacy and security website, and very bad fiction.

​My only advice is to work. Create content. Perfect that content. I have absolutely no hacks. All that I have is five years of coming in, putting in work 40 hours a week, sometimes 50 or more, with no longer than a six day holiday in five years.

You can be smart within all of that and try to cast as wide a net as possible at first. I have worked in every field you can think of. I believe that where I have ultimately ended up, as the Managing Editor for the Devumi Social Media blog, has been strengthened by this wide amount of experience.

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2​5.  Corinne Kerston is a freelance writer and blogger for hire. She specializes in online marketing, business branding and B2B and B2C content. Her goal is to help businesses boost their exposure through engaging, well-written content. Connect with Corinne on her website or Twitter.

This is probably one of my most favorite topics.It makes me sad to see people that have hopes of making a good living online start a blog, throw some ads on there and wonder why they aren’t making the money they’ve heard about. There are so much better ways to make money online.

You could sell products, either physical or digital. If you are crafty enough to make something, you can do it on your own website or on a marketplace site like Etsy. Or you could sell digital products such as e-books, courses or webinars. You could also sell services such as freelance writing, photography or virtual assistant services. I see more and more people offering coaching as well

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2​6.  Rey Baguio is the CEO of Zarangola Media. For a couple of years now, he has been helping out businesses and companies in achieving their business goals.

By utilizing social media, SEO and content management tools and strategies, companies are able to boost up their branding and engagement with their customers.

Some of my colleagues may not agree with me on this, but I believe it's best to focus on what you do best. Understand how you and your skills can be assets to your future clients.Just because the so-called “online marketing gurus or experts” became successful, it doesn't always mean you will be too if all you do is just follow what they say.Understand your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Build your own success. There's always someone out there who needs what you can do best.

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2​7. Christi Tasker is drawn to luxury marketing by the rich, vibrant imagery. She loves the stunning photography and the attention to artistic detail that sets it apart.

A lifelong devotee of style, she knows instinctively what the luxury consumer wants to see and hear, and from her experience working with high-end designers, artists and manufacturers, she knows how to deliver it in a way that keeps people talking. (from: About)

Wow! Another excellent question. My entire staff (with the exception of 4 people) work remotely, everyday for either our digital agency (www.puttinout.com) or our traditional public relations and marketing agency (www.taskeragency.com).From experience I know that most are not self starters nor are they driven enough to organize their schedules to earn enough as a “freelancer”. Notice I didn't say “all”. I simply say “most”.

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2​​8. Danny Dover is a passionate SEO, influential writer and obsessed Life List completer.

He is the author of the best selling book Search Engine Optimization Secrets and was the co-founder of Making it Click, a marketing training course.

 Before starting his own company, Danny was the Senior SEO Manager at AT&T and the Lead SEO at SEOmoz.

Freelancing is a great first step but it does not scale. This means it has limits.After you peak as a freelancer, I think it is best to build a very small and low maintenance business (advertising, software, video services, etc.) that helps pay your basic bills so that you can use your time to build up expertise on other areas that you find interesting and passion-worthy.

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2​​9.​ Fitz Gerard Villafuerte, RFP is a civil engineer who decided to quit the corporate world back in 2003 to pursue entrepreneurship.

His blog Ready To Be Rich, has won several awards, including the Best Business and Finance Blog at the Philippine Blog Awards.

He has also been recognized by Moneysense Magazine as among the Top 12 Most Influential People in Personal Finance in the Philippines.

​He is a Registered Financial Planner and a resource speaker for corporate and socio-civic organizations in the country where he actively promotes entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

There are many ways to make money online, you just have to find which channel works for you. As always, I encourage everyone to start by simply writing a blog because this is an effective way to acquaint you with the online world, and helps you develop necessary skills to earn online.

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​30.  Zac Johnson has been making money online for nearly 20 years now and would love to help you do the same. That's the reason why he created his own blog at ZacJohnson.com.

 With over 1,000 original and real life experience based articles, He will continue to walk you through the ups and downs, and in and outs of affiliate marketing and how others are making money online.
Zac Johnson

​If you want to freelance, start a website or a blog of your own to build out your credibility and brand. A million other people are probably doing the same thing as you, so find a way to stand out from the crowd.

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​31.  Ian Brodie teaches consultants and coaches how to win more clients and build a thriving business online.

As a marketing speaker and coach, he has been named as one of the “Top 50 Global Thought Leaders in Marketing and Sales” by Top Sales World magazine and as one of the “Resources of the Decade” for professional services marketing by Raintoday.com.

His book “Email Persuasion” has been the #1 selling book on email marketing for the last year or so on Amazon globally with over 100 five star reviews.

Ian Brodie

​Freelancing is a great way to start. My business moved in the direction of online products, but they can take time to build and you need a pretty big audience to have impact.Starting off by freelancing to build a “war chest” and get to grips with your trade is an ideal springboard into that.

The one thing I’d say is to think of yourself as a consultant rather than a freelancer.What I mean by that is a consultant has a defined set of services and clients come to them for advice and listen to them and they work together on things.

The word freelancer kind of brings up an image of someone who will do anything clients ask for money. It feels like more of a subservient role when really you want to be working in partnership.

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​32.  Blogger. Marketer. Entrepreneur. James McAllister teaches bloggers how to build their businesses by telling them what works instead of what they want to hear. Check out what he has to offer at HelpStartMySite.com

​I would recommend building some sort of business that can run and grow without constant additional work from yourself.This can be anything from publishing books on Kindle to starting a freelancing agency (rather than being a freelancer yourself.)

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​33.  Dragos Roua is a serial entrepreneur, personal development fanatic, author, ultra-runner, father, tanguero and risk taker.

He blogs at dragosroua.com about entrepreneurship, how to live a better life or his challenges as an ultra-runner.

This is a very big discussion and I'm afraid it can't be covered in just an interview but the main thing you want to have in mind is: time versus money.If you're freelancing, you're selling your time. If you're creating assets (a book, an online course, for instance, are assets) they will sell regardless of your time.

In other words, as a freelancer you can't scale your business, because you're limited by time. But at the same time it's difficult to create assets because they require time.So, my advice will be to always put aside at least 10% of their time (preferably 30%) in order to create assets (being them books or online courses, etc). Another example of assets is creating and curating an online community.

This is exactly what I started to do at the beginning of this year and at http://dragosroua.space and the results are amazing.

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​34.  Mar​ko Saric's website was featured in Forbes, FHM, Inc. Magazine, Yahoo!, Social Media Examinerand several other high-profile sites.

He’s always been a music enthusiast and went one step further in his days as a metal head by creating an online site for Metallica, his favourite band.

Marko was just sixteen when his site became Denmark’s official Metallica fan club, which led to many musical adventures… and gave him a taste of online possibilities.

Marko Saric

​I suggest that you need to build an audience first. An audience that believes in you, that sees you as an authority. An audience of people for whom you are an important part of their life.

Be it educational, informational, entertaining. You need to provide something of value to people, something people want.When you have built that audience, it opens the door for you to monetize it any way you wish. Be it affiliate marketing, consulting, selling your own services or product, organizing events etc.I have a detailed guide on these options for making money here.

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​35.  Joy Hawkins has been working in the Local SEO industry since 2006 and enjoys making trips to Google as a part of their Top Contributor program.

​A lot of people who are good at SEO make money by having a side business that they make money from online.If you’re good at SEO, why not do it for yourself? I personally haven’t done this yet but do plan to.

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​36. ​John McElborough (@johnmcelborough) is one of the UKs most in demand digital marketers. He has delivered on search, paid media and conversion optimization campaigns for some of the UK’s most recognised brands as well as helping thousands of smaller businesses and start-ups succeed online through his writing, training and consultancy. He currently runs the online advertising agency Inbound360 and blogs at johnmcelborough.com

​You’ve got a chicken and egg situation when you start out, nobody wants to hire you because you don’t have client experience and you can’t get client experience because nobody wants to hire you!

There’s a simple way to get around that problem though. Find your specialism and get it nailed down before you try to pitch for work. Don't be a generalist, trying to offer too much when you’re starting out and have limited experience just makes you look like you don't know enough about one thing.

When I was freelancing for me that was link building. When people saw I could deliver on that, they wanted to know what else I could help them with. Once your foots in the door and people trust you that's as simple as saying “hey, i know you're doing X but have you thought about doing Y, I could help you with that if you're interested”…

I did the exact same thing later when I started my ad agency in 2013 all we offered was Google Adwords but we knew we were damn good at it, soon we branched out to other ad networks and now we do more with Facebook than Adwords.

Clients and prospects tell me all the time that they came to us because we're specialists and don't try to offer the world.Being laser focused isn't just a sales tool either. It means you get better at what you do, deliver better results and get more referrals. Making a sustainable business as a freelancer, or a small agency for me is all about referrals.

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