How to Have A Successful Linkbuilding Campaigns Without Failing

How to Have A Successful Linkbuilding Campaigns Without Failing

There is some very big news coming out of Google and it will impact your website, so listen up!

Google has stated that unless your website is being inundated with spam links, they will ignore low-quality backlinks.

Feel free to re-read that last line. They are going to ignore low quality links!

This is a day that SEO's have been waiting for! If you do not see the importance of this mind-shattering news, we'll explain.

Check this out:

1) Google has obviously gotten to the point that they can easily detect low and high-quality links.

Google knew the minute they released this update, that SEO's would begin massive link building campaigns.

It is the optimal time to start hitting a site with links to see what is going to stick. If you are not too aggressive, there is very little risk to massive link building campaigns.

This would kill their current algorithm, which means they have some incredible tech working in the back rooms.

This is perhaps one of the reasons they moved away from this type of model for so many years.

More than likely it is the reason why it took almost two years to update Penguin and mold it into their algorithm.

2) This type of an update means we can be much more confident in our link promotions.

This type of an update is an opportunity of a lifetime for marketers.

You can relax and put your content marketing and link building efforts into hyper drive.

Keep in mind this is not an open invitation to build thousands of spammy links through Fiverr and Scrapebox. You want to continue building high-quality links to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Without a doubt, by doubling your efforts, you will see an incredible change in rankings.

Here Is Your Working Blueprint

Never use the same anchor text over and over, keep rotating it. While this is an awesome update, it is not 2012.

Do not start spamming your site, instead continue hitting your site with quality links and quality content.

This is a license to hit your site hard if you do it right.

Just keep doing what you have been doing, just a lot more of it. Trust us, your competition knows about this and will start doing it too.

They will take this opportunity and take the rankings and leave you in the dust.

Just because you can be more aggressive does not mean you have to be unethical or black hat. Just continue, along with your current plan, just ramp it up.

If you see a lot of bad links coming in, prepare to disavow them.

Be prepared to see some of your rankings rise and go down.

This just means that Google is ignoring some of your existing backlinks. The updates will continue to roll out on a continual basis and will change what is considered a good or a bad link, so prepare yourself for some stress.

The best thing you can do is to try and get ahead of the update by building some higher quality links to make up for any that are lost in the process. This will ensure that you are able to keep the rankings you have.

Take time and celebrate today with your SEO friends as this is monumental news. You can take it easy and relax over your link building campaigns.

Don't over analyze every move you make. You can be flexible and one wrong link will not tank your site now. Could it be that Google has actually done something that is going to make life easier for SEO's. As of right now, it would look like it.

Let's hope that the next update doesn't push us back into the Dark Ages of SEO once again! Keep checking back here as there is some exciting changes in the future for SEO.

Now for some more happy thoughts…

A lot of people have been asking me what is my strategy when it comes to SEO.

Tell you what, I get them mostly from a paid course that I love dearly. You can see it below but I think it deserves another post altogether. ^_^