Even if you are lucky enough to have a job you really, really love – it’ not always a walk in the park. Even if you love your job so much, it won’t always love you back, haha! Kidding aside, nothing comes easy in this world. Problems will arise and you just have to push forward.

Have you encountered such struggles at work? What have you done to overcome them? These online marketers tell us their stories on the hardest struggles they have to face when it comes to work. Let’s see what we can learn from their stories.

Your client’s trust level base on what results you are delivering. So I have to keep an eagle-eye on what I am giving to my clients. The thing that makes it difficult and struggling is the competitive deadlines. It’s very hard to manage both quality of work and deadlines by those clients. – Umair Akram

I don’t think there’s any secret formula. Results come largely from hard work and, from time to time, a little slice of luck. – Paul Johnson

Herding cats is what I might call the main impediment to marketing strategy unity. The ability to commandeer a team and get buy in from silo-ed departments is a difficult undertaking. No matter how large or small an organization may be, a silo mentality is a top-down issue, which trickles down from management.

It’s frequently a business model within marketing and sales teams where some assignments or projects exist in both groups. Gearing a company or department toward a single goal can foster collaboration and a sense of like-minded purpose. This fuels interaction and in turn, conversions and results. – Suzanne Baran

I find it always to be difficult to assess what gets results, and then stop doing activities that’s not paying off, even if they are joyful activities. In my last startup we got a lot of press coverage, but looking back it’s easy to see that all that press amounted to ZERO business opportunities.

In a sense it was more of a way for some people at our company to build on their personal brand, something I realized way too late.

In my new business I always try to make it about the product, the vision and if there is a need to talk about the people at the company I try to highlight the people that actually make the magic happen, i.e. my awesome team mates. – Niklas Laninge

Definitely educating executives on the value that marketing can bring to the table. With some companies, executives tolerate marketing so that things look “pretty.” This has changed significantly since I started my company in 2001. Now executives are more open to the conversation.

But if the expectation of marketers is to deliver better or different results, then everyone needs to be willing to let marketing behave differently. If marketing can deliver results that drive the business forward, execs care less about how they got there. – Carla Johnson

The hardest struggle when it came to delivering results is always trying to balance what the clients want with your own ideas. Clients obviously are heavily invested in their own projects and often times limited what I could or couldn’t do to help get them results.

That was probably the biggest struggle when it came to delivering results because you have a crutch holding you back. – Jeet Banerjee

The hardest part is when a client isn’t cooperating. Many times we can resolve this through an education process, where we get them to understand the reason for our recommendations. Sometimes this requires a great deal of patience. Of course, there are times when the client simply won’t cooperate. At Stone Temple Consulting, we fire clients who won’t let us help them succeed.

Of course, there are scenarios where clients accept, or can implement, only a portion of your recommendations. If that’s enough to help them improve, then it is often worthwhile to stay with them and help them move forward in stages. That’s pretty common. We only fire them if they are just not listening at all, asking us to do things we think are wrong, or not letting us do enough so they will see a material benefit from our involvement. – Eric Enge

It’s probably about dealing with client expectations. In the early years I had no idea what my work was worth and I charged very little. Ironically the less people pay you, the more they want. The thinking goes something like this – low cost means low value.

I made them rank high on Google for a few bucks, but they weren’t satisfied. I have clients that still rank #1 from the optimization I did for them in 2008. These days I charge more so that clients are also more respectful. – Tadeusz Szewczyk

It’s always difficult to demonstrate ROI using social media. My favorite line is that although I can demonstrate ROI with social media, it will never tell the full story. Because through social media marketing, not only are we able to demonstrate results, but we also add intangible touch-points that help move potential customers and current customers through the sales process. – Zeb Welborn

Oh, that’s easy! It is, hands-down, an antiquated way of looking at results among the entire industry. In the PR industry, we’ve always looked at media impressions and advertising equivalency, which are such baloney metrics.

They mean nothing, yet this is how the industry has always reported results and so it’s what executives are accustomed to receiving. They’ve now added number of social media followers, which is another metric that means nothing. The industry needs to do a better job of delivering results. – Gini Dietrich

I think the hardest part is putting in the work, time and effort when there is no guarantee.

It also takes a lot of time and effort to build a following and in the beginning it can seem like you’re just treading water. But if you keep at it and don’t compromise your values, results will come. – Gina Horkey

Discipline. I have good work ethic, but consistency has always been tough for me. As time has passed I’ve created better systems to compensate. – Adam Steele

Working on larger companies can sometimes present delays due to the time it takes to have changes implemented, you could find a technical SEO win which could mean a large traffic increase though it might take 3 months to implement. This is where you have to befriend developers and also work with senior team members to push changes quickly or work out which changes can be made quickly. –  James Norquay

With hindsight I spent too long and too much energy looking for shortcuts and tricks to drive quick results. I’m kind of obsessed with trying to hack and crack systems and find better ways of doing things so I’ve had to teach myself to channel that into strategies that deliver long term value.

That said I still love a good shortcut when it’s justified, like just the other week I blogged about how to buy Facebook likes for ridiculously cheap (https://johnmcelborough.com/facebook-page-likes/). Stuff like that will always have a place, but now I try to focus more of my energy on the big ideas. – John McElborough

I think the hardest thing to do is not spam. Spam still works. It can bring fast results that will make your clients happy right until it stops working. I think if you are going to play the game right, you have to be great at setting client expectations on the time it will take to see results from organic efforts and VERY FEW clients truly have the patience to wait that long. – Mike Ramsey

I think it was when Google released the Penguin update on April 21, 2012. Some of our websites that used to bring in very good traffic and money were affected by Penguin because they have many strong backlinks from directories with targeted keywords. – Evgeniy Garkaviy

In my personal experience (as a consultant), the hardest part in consistently delivering results is juggling multiple clients. It’s very challenging to commit yourself 100% if your focus and attention is divided on several campaigns/clients. – Jason Acidre

I started my internet marketing business with zero cash so my biggest struggle initially was getting traffic to my sites. I couldn’t afford pay per click (PPC) advertising so I decided to learn everything I could about search engine optimization (SEO).

I read everything I could get my hands on about SEO and kept at it until one day I found my website listed on the first page of Google for many of my targeted keywords. In fact, a few of them were actually in the #1 position on page one of Google. I was stunned. That’s when my site traffic, my confidence, and income really took off. – Bill Burniece

The hardest thing at first was learning how to talk to people through digital avenues. I could talk to anyone in person, flash a smile, be charming, and generally get across what I was looking for and see a desired result. Getting by on words and tone in email is quite a different thing, and it took me months of perfecting my approach to language to get it right. – Matthew Yeoman

I think the biggest struggle was the learning curve. Not only in the freelance writing business, but also business in general; marketing and growing a business. – Corinne Kerston

One of the hardest part in delivering results how your clients would understand what you did and what needs to be done. It’s crucial to set the right expectation from the start. It’s better to “under promise, then over deliver” than the other way around. – Rey Baguio

Time. There simply is NOT enough time in the day, especially with the endless tasks of digital marketing. Not only is time an issue, but the ever changing social site algorithms for people that don’t know what an algorithm is can be challenging for most. – Christi Tasker

The hardest time was most definitely at the beginning. Not only was there not a lot of information on best practices available, but I also had very little knowledge of the field.

Luckily, the team at SEOmoz taught me what they knew and together we delivered great results to our clients. – Danny Dover

The hardest struggle would be meeting the client’s expectations, especially their desired deadline. There are difficult clients who set unreasonable requirements, and you need to learn how to be diplomatic while negotiating. – Fitz Gerard Villafuerte

Coming up with new ideas and ad campaigns is always tough. This was one of the main reasons I started my blog at ZacJohnson.com in 2007, to be able to build something that I owned and would keep growing with time. – Zac Johnson

I think the biggest struggle when you’re working with clients and trying to get them results is getting them to actually implement and follow through. It’s particularly true in large organisation where politics, bureaucracy and slow decision making get in the way.

But even in smaller organisations it can be a challenge because the key people often struggle to find the time to do what they know they should be doing. It’s very easy to get distracted from marketing that has an impact in the longer term by day-to-day emergencies. – Ian Brodie

I still struggle with selling my services. I never learned how to properly sell, so asking for the money doesn’t feel natural to me, even my clients are happy with my services. – Jan Koch

My hardest struggle was – and still is, time. Sometimes you know when you’re doing everything right, everything you’re supposed to be doing, but you have to wait for the clock to catch up. Some things just take time to get off the ground, and regardless of how much work we put in, we can’t speed up the clock. – James McAllister

There were many struggles, but I suppose you’re talking about business here. The most intense periods are the ones at the beginning of a new business. Like I told you, I’m a serial entrepreneur, I started many businesses. Some of them took off, some of them don’t, some of them are still maintained by me or a team. My latest business is a co-working and event venue in Bucharest, called Connect Hub. – Dragos Roua

The learning curve was definitely the hardest struggle. From a complete newbie to the online world, there was just so much to learn and grasp. I was also so busy running my business, that I found it a struggle to find the time to invest in learning new things.

Running an eCommerce business takes a lot time and energy, it’s not just sitting down in front of a computer and watching sales come through. In addition to that, my time management and organisation was all over the place, and that’s me being honest. – Fabrizio Van Marciano

The hardest struggle that I could think of was the time when I was still in the trial-and-error phase. Not only I’d learned many things from my mistakes, it also proved to me that there’s no 1-shoe-fits-all solution in SEO. – Devlin Duldulao

The hardest struggle is consistency, when you are out there to deliver a one shot project or one thing, then it’s very easy to get the job done. You follow a fixed approach and get the work done and then walk away.

But when it comes to delivering consistent results over a long period of time, then things start getting harder as that’s the kind of work that requires you to constantly rethink your strategy again and again and work on new action plans in order to get the job done and on time! –  Aditya Nath Jha

When I started my amusement equipment brokerage company called the midway marketplace I was the new kid in a field with several established companies and websites. My business model was different than the others. Instead of free classifieds with income coming from ad revenue, mine was a straight commission sales site.

So beyond finding my first clients I had trouble just getting people to return my calls or emails. I finally solved this by offering free text links in exchange for email subscriptions. As the list has grown its been a source of new clients and listings. People see the other items I have for sale and remember me when they have a similar need. – Maxwell Ivey

Like most marketers with a focus on SEO, it was always challenging when Google was releasing a new major algorithm. That was especially difficult when I was working on some client’s websites that I haven’t optimized from the beginning. – Felix Tarcomnicu

I would say the biggest struggle is getting results quickly. The results always come with time if you’re doing the right things, but many business owners aren’t patient and want something instant, which is almost impossible without blackhat tactics. – Joy Hawkins

There’s so much stuff out there on the internet. That’s what’s great about the internet. Anyone, anywhere can publish something and get an audience for whatever he or she is passionate about. This also means that there’s so much noise. And this is the hardest struggle for anyone wanting to deliver results. What do you do to break through all that noise and get your voice heard. – Marko Saric