Submission Guidelines

Do You Have Something to Share?

SEO Philippines wants to help you put your brand out there. How do we do that? We aim to provide the readers of the blog useful resources to improve and grow their business. If you want to share your tips and hacks, we’d love to hear them (and our readers too!). Let’s make this a better community, let’s learn from each other!

What Articles Do We Want to See?

We would like to share articles which are related to online businesses. Samples of topics are listed below but not limited to the following:

Start-up online businesses



Growth Hacking

Internet Marketing

Social media management

Growing your business – human resource, financials, monitoring and all related aspects

Scaling your online business

If you have a topic in mind not mentioned above, please do send us a message <insert contact> so we could review it.

How to Submit Your Article?

  • Articles should be at least 1,200 words and saved in .doc or. docx format.
  • Submit with 3 title options for the article. Think of a catchy title!
  • Please make sure that your article has not yet been published before (online or in print).
  • You can insert photos in your article. However, you should use your own photos or free stock photos.
  • Please don’t include any form of promotion within your article. We have a blurb section after where you can do that. So, please provide the following information as well:

Your Full Name

Brief Description about Yourself / Your Brand

Where to find you online – your website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media accounts you have

Email where you can be reached

  • Your email subject should be written in this format: Request to Contribute: (Title of Article)

Request To Contribute: (Title Of Article)

Please send all of these HERE

Note from the Screening Team:

Please do take note that a submission is not a guarantee that it will be published in SEO Philippines. Articles will be reviewed and decided if the content fits the website. Chosen articles also may be edited for grammar, spelling, length and overall theme of SEO Philippines.

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