22 Online Marketers Secrets Revealed: The Marketing Gurus They Religiously Follow

Have you ever wondered what is the secret for the success of online marketers?

The answer is simple, they make it a point to follow, read and listen to great marketers in the field of online marketing.

In this article, I went ahead and asked these well known marketers on who they highly recommend people to follow.

While I was given the names of famous people, I also came across people who are under the radar and yet are considered the best in their fields.

I believe that these answers are very important if you really are interested in improving your knowledge and skills.

Consider this list as a list of an online marketer's - marketer, akin to who musicians' look up to when they are creating their music.

How about you? Who is your "Secret Marketer" Comment your answers below, so we could add it to the list.

(Note: This is an ongoing list, as such I will place the date it was last updated a I still scour the vast world of Google in searching for more marketers to share their well kept-secrets so stay tuned! Last Updated: 3/28/2018)

1. Umair Akram is a Digital Marketer and SEO Consultant with having more than 4 years of professional experience in the industry. He has worked with more than 30 companies and helped them increase their sales and profits. He is also the author of his blog “MyTechMag” and write about Blogging,Digital Marketing and SEO Tips.

“I recommend “Neil Patel” because I think that he's the only industry giant who tells you the core thing and his techniques really work.”

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2. Suzanne Baran is an industry-leading Content Strategy and Digital Marketing expert. During her 18-year career she has driven digital strategy for the world’s most beloved brands such as Yahoo!, AT&T, Intel, Toyota, Cisco, Scottrade, DirecTV, FIJI Water, Sony, and other Fortune 500 and 100 companies. She helps brands become better, more efficient publishers.

Neil Patel and Kevin P. Nichols. They are disruptors and educators in the space. Their blogs, books, templates, tools and talks are better than seminars I’ve taken. They’re innovative, thoughtful and ego-less to the degree that information transparency and dissemination trumps success secrets. Patel and Nichols are entrepreneurs in the educational practitioner space, a novelty to me. Neil’s Sprout blog, KISS metrics analytics product and Forbes blog are forever changing the landscape. He covers conversion optimization, marketing and sales topics.Nichols is an author, innovator and disruptor within the customer journey and content strategy discipline. He’s been my mentor for years and hired me to work at SapientNitro without having met or spoken to me. His faith in my experience and skillset propelled me to greater heights.”

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3. Nate Dame has led SEO, content marketing, and influencer marketing campaigns for national and international brands. Now a regular speaker and columnist, Nate oversees client strategy and thought leadership for Propecta when he’s not too busy being husband and dad in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

“I was at a Master Class with Robert Ross, who is a trainer with Content Marketing Institute, recently, so he comes to mind. Really great, insightful presentation.Honestly, though, you have to read broadly if you’re going to look to others for advice, because everyone has their own formula. Learn from their formulas, of course, but you ultimately have to make your own. You can’t just take someone else’s formula as-is and use it. Read broadly; follow many influencers and gurus.”

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4. Niklas Laninge is a Psychologist, entrepreneur, learning and education enthusiast, he runs dailybitsof.com a startup making learning fun, frictionless, and bite sized.

“I try to stay away from naming the obvious ones, they don't need more Inbound links. Instead I would like to highlight my friend Mathias Eriksson, who deserves more attention.”

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5. Jeet Banerjee is a 23 year old serial entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant, TEDx speaker and best selling author. Jeet began his journey at the age of 17 when he launched a multimedia agency before selling it two years later.

“There's a lot of great marketing gurus that I would recommend, but my top pick would have to be Gary Vaynerchuk. His content, marketing strategies and just pure results have been amazing and his work is a thing of beauty. Not only that, but he's very connected with his audience and followers which makes it an even better experience.”

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6. Eric Enge is the founder and CEO of Stone Temple Consulting. A prominent SEO and digital marketing industry thought leader, he has been an entrepreneur for most of his 30+ year career.

“I think a great place to start with Seth Godin. He is a marketing genius, and he does a great job of simplifying marketing and getting across basic principles that can help you a better marketer. Capture the true essence of what he teaches, and you'll be a great marketer.”

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7. Zeb Welborn is the founder of Welborn Media and The Tutoring Solution, he is the host of The Defining Success Podcast, author of The Social Golf Course and creator of the Sharing Your Passion Essay Scholarship contest.

“I really enjoy Pat Flynn. He seems like he could be me. He works hard, has a goal of helping others and is very authentic.”

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8.  Mary Green is a full stack marketer with 12 years of expertise in digital marketing. She specializes in inbound marketing but have experience across almost all avenues of online marketing

Seth Godin, he's phenomenal.”

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9.  Adam Steele At 22, with no previous business experience, Adam left his day job to chase the dream of business ownership. He started out by peddling Gmail address’ by the bundle. Today, he leads a team of 30+, remote team members, runs 2 successful companies (is currently building 3, 4 & 5) and hosts The Steele Entrepreneur Show.

Adam Steele

“I watch folks like Gary Vaynerchuk pretty closely. I am really interested in video marketing right now, and he's built a pretty impressive team and platform.”

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10.  James Norquay founded Prosperity Media in 2012 after working in the SEO & Content Marketing space for over 10+ years in Australia and the US.

James Norquay

“I like Wil Reynolds because he has done great things building his agency SEER and I like his view point on specific elements of digital marketing.”

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11. Mike Ramsey is the founder of Nifty Marketing and Niftylaw. He also is a founding member of LocalUniversity and spends a lot of his time writing and speaking on digital marketing. He has a wonderful wife, 3 crazy kids, and does it all from Burley, Idaho

Rand Fishkin – He has successfully built an audience more loyal than most you will see. He also leads with transparency, which I think is the only way to be an “expert” these days. You have to be willing to share everything…for free. I have a lot of respect for what he has built and for his story.”

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12.  Evgeniy Garkaviy is an SEO consultant, Adwords certified specialist and blogger. Online marketing strategist, he is also the co-owner of www.temi.co.uk, MarchesHour Directory, Marches Hour

“I can name a few who I have found to be quite helpful. They include Brian Dean, Rand Fishkin, and Neil Patel.”

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13. Jason Acidre is the Co-founder of Xight Interactive, and the author of Kaiserthesage.com 

Jason Acidre

Sam Nam. He’s a great leader. He built a solid team at DRI. And he made sure everyone from their team will have the knowledge, skillsets and experience to succeed in their career path individually.”

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14. Bill Burniece is a full-time internet marketer since 2006

Bill Burniece

Dan Kennedy. I'm sure most people already know who Dan is but for those who don't, he's a legendary marketer that's been at the top of his game for decades now. He's not an internet marketer but an old-school guy that understands all of the fundamentals of selling and the behaviors of buyers inside and out.If you've never read any of his books go to Amazon and pick one. Believe me, you'll be hooked, and you can make a lot of money by implementing his ideas and practices.”

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15.  Jan Koch helps entrepreneurs set up systems grow their business online by leveraging today's technical capabilities, and free them from technical obstacles, so that they can focus on their main business.

“That would have to be Jamie Masters from Eventual Millionaire.
She’s super smart when it comes to building businesses and coaching others to become successful entrepreneurs. Love her interviews and her challenge “7 Days to 1k”.”

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16.  Fabrizio Van Marciano is a passionate website designer, graphic designer and professional blogger.

“Marketing Guru? Hmmmm not too sure about that one, but there’s one professional marketer I would really recommend and that’s Don Purdum from UnveilTheWeb.com. Don’s a great friend and a great giver on crystal clear advice to bloggers, entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses who are interested in increasing their bottom line, through ultimately learning how to identify what business they're really in, and through powerful messaging.”

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17.  Devlin Duldulao co-founder of Outsource SEO Philippines Ltd. Co.

“Aside from online marketers like Benj Arriola and Neil Patel, I would highly recommend Trond Lyngbø for online marketers and SEOs to follow. This person, who’s the ‎Senior SEO Consultant & Founder of Search Planet AS, shares insights and tips based on his experiences throughout handling clients for more than 10 years.One thing in common among the 3 known marketers I’ve mentioned, is that they share their secrets. Tried and tested secrets that made them successful in this business.”

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18.  Aditya Nath Jha is a blogger, vlogger, wordpress speed optimization expert and music lover.

“I would recommend Kulwant Nagi from BloggingCage.com as the guy knows what to do and promotes what he does in a very inspirational way so as to motivate others and not intimidate them through his achievements!”

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19.  Maxwell Ivey is a 49-year-old blind gentleman who grew up in a family of carnival owners. All he ever wanted to do was to continue in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps and be part of the family business.

“I don't know if my friend Adrienne Smith would call herself a guru or not, but she taught me everything I know about relationship marketing.She showed me how you can use blog commenting and sharing other people's content to come to the attention of more well known bloggers.”

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20.  Peter Banerjea is Co-Founder of SuccessIsWhat, a productivity coaching firm. He is a contributor to top blogs like the Huffington Post, Addicted2Success, Time Management Ninja and more.

Jon Morrow, CEO of Boostblogtraffic. He probably knows more about blogging than anyone else on the planet!”

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21.  Joy Hawkins has been working in the Local SEO industry since 2006 and enjoys making trips to Google as a part of their Top Contributor program.

“I would have to go with Brian Dean because everything he publishes is just amazing”

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22.  Kit Cuenta is a social media marketer, content writer and an entrepreneur who runs her online shoe store.

• Brent Csutoras – @BrentCsutoras – Reddit Marketing guru!
• Peg Fitzpatrick –@PegFitzPatrick – Social Visual Marketing pro!
• Rebekah Radice – @RebekahRadice – Pinterest marketing expert!
• Mike Allton – @Mike_allton – Google+ Marketing pro!
• Pauline Cabrera – @Twelveskip – Social Content ‘gangsta’!
• Mari Smith – @MariSmith – Facebook marketing thought leader!
• Larry Kim – @LarryKim – Social PPC wizard!
• Kim Garst – @KimGarst – Social Selling pro!
• Ann Smarty – @AnnSmarty – Social Community expert!

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